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How To Set Up Instagram Business Account (and Everything you Need to Know)

How to set up Instagram business account Do you use Instagram for business? If so, you are missing out immensely if you haven’t set up your Instagram business account. The number of people who use Instagram for business purposes has increased dramatically over the years, from just being a social platform for teenagers to now […]

Benefits of Instagram Stories for Successful Business Marketing

Out of all of the social media platforms used for business marketing, Instagram has emerged as one of the best comprehensive platforms for businesses. Instagram has such a practical and straightforward marketing method, allowing businesses to jump-start growing their business. Considering business owners of all degrees are always looking for the best way to grow […]

5 Types of Small Businesses That You Could Quickly Grow with Instagram

Instagram may not be the largest social network today but it’s had perhaps the biggest impact on pop culture. ‘For the gram’ is a phrase you’ll only hear used with this media platform.  Instagram stands out for the depth of user engagement. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times the […]

Instagram Feed Tips to Transform Your Graphic Design Business into a Brand

Social media has taken precedence when it comes to marketing and promotion for business houses and brands. Social media handles like Instagram are ideal for artists and freelancers to showcase their talents and create a business profile to manage marketing strategies. However, to do it right, you need to manage your Instagram feed the right […]

Should You Open An Instagram for Your Business? Pros and Cons 

Should You Open An Instagram for Your Business? Pros and Cons  For some years now, brands, influencers, and marketers have raised interesting questions as to whether switching from a personal Instagram account to a business account is a smart move. Like the personal account, the business account has its pros and cons. The best way […]

Instagram for Business: Tips from the Tourism Industry

Instagram for Business: Tips from the Tourism Industry Tourism is one of the much-evolved industries with the increased use of social media platforms. Many bloggers choose this niche to share their personal tour stories and to gain benefits from their travel guide. Instagram has a lot to offer to the right brand, and it is […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Business Through Instagram

Social media has become a game-changer as far as business promotion is concerned.  Gone are the days when only TV, radio or newspapers were the source of advertisement. The digital world and increased usage of the internet have taken the business advertisement by storm. Today, no business can flourish without using social media platforms. When […]

How to Build Your Own Business Around Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media you can use to share your photos and videos, communicate with friends and follow the influencers and celebrities. But not just that. Instagram is also a great platform to make money on, as well as a useful tool for growing your business. And the list of business opportunities Instagram […]

6 Tips to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users, less competition and a more committed audience than other large social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Whether your strategy needs an update or if you are a newcomer to this social network, you will find these tips very useful for your business, take note! 1. Show […]

5 Must Do’s of Instagram to Succeed as a Business

5 Must Do’s of Instagram to Succeed as a Business Social media is a tremendously powerful marketing tool. Are you convinced that you need to use it yet? No? That’s what I thought. Luckily, I have statistics to back it up. Six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts. What’s more, 15 million registered businesses using Instagram business […]

How To Create The Most Appealing Instagram Bios For Businesses

How To Create The Most Appealing Instagram Bios For Businesses Your Instagram bio is extremely important. It is the first thing people will see when visiting your profile, so making it appealing and including everything that people need to know about your brand is key. You only have 150 characters to use when writing your […]

Why your Business Should be Active on Instagram (Infographic)

Why your Business Should be Active on Instagram (Infographic) Is Instagram a part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy? If not, you might be missing out on some golden opportunities. Now, before I’m going to let the statistics speak for themselves, i thought I’d introduce you to some thoughts on why your business needs […]

Tips To Using Instagram For Business

Tips to Using Instagram For Business The way business marketing their brand is slowly changing from billboard and TV ads to engaging reaching their audience through social media. However, there are lots of things that you should have in mind and consider when starting up your Instagram business page and that’s why, in this article, […]

How To Leverage Instagram for Your Business

How To Leverage Instagram for Your Business Social media is playing a bigger role for businesses all over the world. Instagram is a perfect social media platform that new companies are hopping onto every single day, to be able to connect with their customers better and also attract new ones by building a strong Instagram […]

The Shortcut Guide to Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Becoming an influencer is all about making the right moves. Discover the cheatsheet to becoming an Instagram influencer here. Are you thinking of becoming an Instagram influencer?  It can be a rewarding and profitable career path to take. While Instagram started as a way to share photos of your life, today, the Instagram marketing industry […]

8 Website Content Ideas for Your Business

Are you looking to improve your company’s website? We’ve got the top website content ideas to get you started out today. Creating valuable content is one of the most important parts of a successful content marketing strategy. If you are wondering how to improve website design and website conversion rates, then having good website content […]

5 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Social media does not need an introduction for anyone who actively uses the internet. In fact, more than half of the entire world population is now active on social media. These people are spread across many platforms and one of them is Instagram. Founded in 2010, Instagram hosts traffic of more than a billion active […]

Your Business Needs the Right Strategy to Boost Sales

If your company’s revenue is lagging, it’s critical to take remedial steps quickly before your competition leaves you behind — especially in an unpredictable economic landscape. A sure-fire way to increase your company’s revenue is to enhance sales with a multi-pronged strategy. The right strategy can require work, commitment, flexibility, and professional assistance. Revamp Your […]

6 Crafty Ways to Promote a Business and Increase its Market Reach

One of the fundamental principles of having a sustainable business is certainly profit. How well can you then get more returns on investment for your business? It translates as getting more visibility, more traffic, and consequently more lead generation to sales. When you have a wider market reach, you can influence many prospects to subscribe […]