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How To Leverage Instagram for Your Business

How To Leverage Instagram for Your Business

Social media is playing a bigger role for businesses all over the world. Instagram is a perfect social media platform that new companies are hopping onto every single day, to be able to connect with their customers better and also attract new ones by building a strong Instagram presence.

If you want to have any success on Instagram, marketing wise, it’s important that you start NOW. Because the compeititon is getting greater for every da.

In fact, Top brands post 4.9 times per week on Instagram, an increase of more than 50% over 2015. Just imagine how that number will increase in the future.


The most important part when building your Instagram page is to set it up as a business page. If you don’t know what it is and how you do it, no problem! Read about how to set up a business account on Instagram

By setting up an Instagram business account, you get extra buttons  in your profile where your followers can email, call and see your location directly from.

Not only that, you get access to Instagram insights which gives you information about the stats on your page. How to get Instagram Insights


To make your page look serious and attracting, then you have some work to do.

Firstly, make sue that your page is set up right with a fun/interesting/informative bio that gives people the information they need quickly regarding what your company is and what you do.

Secondly, it doesn’t look very attractive to have 150 followers if you are trying to make your company build a greater image.

The chances are that it will do the opposite. Sure, people have an understanding in the beginning if you just set up your page, but after a while, if you have very few followers, people will understand your company as “just another page” and that is not the way to make an impression.

There are lots of things you can do to grow your page but hiring a social media consultant can be very effective.

A social media consultant can help you with everything from setting up a plan of how you should work with your social media but also run your page to 100% or as much as you wish.

Email us at if you wish to know more about social media consulting.

If you wish to learn all the tricks and tips to how you grow your instagram, The complete guide to gaining followers will give you all the tricks and tips to gaining followers on Instagram.


A high engagement is very important on social media – especially Instagram. Let’s say you have 10K followers and averaging around 40 likes per post and have very few comments, then you have some work to do.

A “like engagement” of at least 1% is considered to be an okay engagement so if you have 10K followers and 100 likes per photo, that’s okay, but you should always strive to get your engagement up to a few percent.

Asking for customer feedback on images increases engagement as does all types of interaction with your audience. Ask questions to endorse people to engage with your page.

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Networking is VERY important on Instagram and if you want to build a solid social media page.

Not only does it result in a better engagement on your page, but it also helps you gain more followers and grow faster.

By networking, commenting and chatting with other people, you can also gain potential customers and loyal followers that comment nice things about your brand and products every single day.


Hashtags are one of those things that you just have to use if you are an Instagram startup looking to grow your page.

Read more about why your should use hashtags and how to grow your Instagram with hashtags.

After you have read the articles, you will hopefully have learnt How to leverage Instagram for your business thanks to hashtags.

How To Leverage Instagram for Your Business


Number one award

Running contests and campaigns are effective ways to gain exposure on Instagram. Giveaways on social media are great because of many reasons.

Everyone loves getting something for free, right?

The truth is that the main reason why many people follow a brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc is to obtain a discount or to join giveaways when they show up. To be more exact, on Twitter, 85 percent follow brands to get a coupon or a discount.

This is where you come in. In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to set up a giveaway on social media and discuss what you earn from it.

The main perks of having giveaways for brands are:

  • Increase traffic
  • Create a better social engagement
  • Increase your followers
  • Get new potential customers

Before making a contest, there are some things you should be clear about:

What will you be giving away?

How long will the contest run?

What do you need to do to join the contest?

Read more about running a successful contest.

This was everything we had to teach you in the article How to leverage Instagram for your business. We hope you can adapt some of the things in this article on your own Instagram page to make it a success.

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