Tuesday, July 23

Writing Services

Content written by a team member from VELOCE.

The Veloce team consists of a number of skilled professional writers who can help you with writing high-quality material for various purposes, such as SEO optimized articles, marketing materials, press releases, and much more. On Veloceinternational.com alone, we have produced more than 1000 high-quality in-depth SEO-optimized articles that rank high on Google and generate a ton of traffic to our website. We will consult with your content needs, and produce content that gets the results you are looking for.

A high-quality copy is crucial in order to succeed in the digital marketing landscape, and with our writing services, we can help you with that. Buy articles for your website, magazine, or business blog and see your rankings and website traffic skyrocket. We produce content that is engaging and that actually gets read. When ordering copy from us, you get:

  • Articles that are written in perfect English with no grammatical errors
  • Engaging content that gets people excited
  • Easily-digestible and well-formatted content that is easy to consume
  • Content that provides value, gets your point across, and that ranks well on search engines.

Not only does the Veloce writing team produce high-quality articles, but it also does so with a short turnaround time so you can top-quality content produced quickly, without compromising on quality.

In today’s competitive landscape, it is not enough to simply produce content. It has to strike the right cords and be of the very highest quality. Our content and article writing services will make sure that you stay ahead of your competitors through qualitative written content.

We offer a number of different writing services for various purposes. Please find our different writing services below:

Blog Posts – 1000 words€150
Long-Form Blog Posts – 3000 words€400
Emails – Subscriber/autoresponder/sales email€150
Web Pages – Home, About, FAQ, etc.€150
Press Release Short – 300 words max€100
Press Release Long – 800 words max€150
Product Descriptions – Short descriptions of 100-200 words€150
eBooks – 10,000 words approximately€2 000

If you have other writing needs, you are more than welcome to contact us with your requirements and we will discuss a solution. Our writers can also update existing pieces of content for improved SEO, readability, and quality. Our mindset is that everything is possible.

The simple steps of our article and content writing services:

  1. Contact us and specify your writing needs
  2. Together with you, we come up with a writing plan to create the best possible content that meets your need
  3. Complete the order
  4. Our professional writers will write the requested content that matches your needs within 2 days and send the content as soon as it is completed.

Contact us at hello(at)veloceinternational.com to place an order.