Thursday, July 18

5 Types of Small Businesses That You Could Quickly Grow with Instagram

Instagram may not be the largest social network today but it’s had perhaps the biggest impact on pop culture. ‘For the gram’ is a phrase you’ll only hear used with this media platform. 

Instagram stands out for the depth of user engagement. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times the engagement on Twitter. This is a goldmine for small businesses looking to bring their product before the right audience. Instagram is an especially potent weapon for its ability to showcase one’s products without having to overtly advertise them. 

Nearly every type of business can benefit from Instagram marketing. Here’s a look at how Instagram can help you grow 5 types of small businesses fast.

  • Wash and Fold

Instagram has been a magnet for businesses in the fashion and apparel industry.

Upload high-quality pictures of washed clothes, beddings, and upholstery. Show your laundry equipment. Demonstrate your attention to detail including temperature settings, color separation, and exact detergent ratios. Capture your visitors’ imagination so they can almost inhale the air of freshness.

  • Bracelets

For a bracelet business, use your Instagram feed to promote your products as a way of life. Showcase the bracelets in their element. Demonstrate the positive, attractive lifestyle and culture your bracelets are associated with. 

Each picture should be unique and overflowing with personality allowing visitors to imagine themselves wearing the product. 

  • Watches

Leverage the visual power of Instagram to cultivate a loyal customer base for your watch business. 

Tap into user-generated content by encouraging customers to tag your page when they post pictures of themselves wearing your watches. This not only gives your brand authenticity but also encourages repeat purchases because customers see you care about their satisfaction.

  • Craft Brewery

This might seem like an audacious idea for a small business. However, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to set up a craft brewery. Start small. You’ll find that Instagram is a practical, affordable channel for reaching out to potential customers.

Beer is associated with fun, celebration, and relaxation. This makes Instagram the perfect platform to get the word out, accelerate engagement, and boost sales. Let your images convey the right mood. Develop a consistent theme and captivating brand elements that ensure people immediately recognize your product when it appears on their feed.

  • Bakery

Think about how the imagery from major fast food chains you see online and offline makes you crave their meals. Instagram can help you do that for a bakery. Actually, food photography is consistently among the most popular topics on Instagram. Everyone loves to stare at drool-worthy meals.

Your Instagram feed could in effect become an online menu for your bakery. Capture the visitor’s imagination and get them hooked on your product with clean, crisp photos of pastries and bread.

You don’t need a large team, a big-budget or sophisticated equipment for Instagram marketing. This is important for a small business. You’ll be amazed by the number of Instagram pages that have seen a surge in followers and engagement just by using photos taken with a smartphone.

A big business may far outspend smaller ones on Instagram ads. Still, Instagram posts themselves level the playing field by giving small companies the opportunity to create images that go viral. So if you own a small business, open an Instagram account, think through an effective marketing strategy, and execute it. Your followers, customers, and visitors will do the rest.

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  • Sharon Baker

    Hi there. Interesting article. You described some samples of small businesses here. I also have a small business. I grow plants and flowers. What do you think, should I try to promote my business in Instagram? I hired developers to create some simple but elegant website for me. And I start thinking about social platforms. Please advice

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