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Benefits of Instagram Stories for Successful Business Marketing

Out of all of the social media platforms used for business marketing, Instagram has emerged as one of the best comprehensive platforms for businesses. Instagram has such a practical and straightforward marketing method, allowing businesses to jump-start growing their business.

Considering business owners of all degrees are always looking for the best way to grow their business, an online tool like Instagram puts them at such a significant advantage. Thus, why so many business owners are looking for modern ways to grow their Instagram page. There are plenty of features tied to growing an Instagram page, such as utilizing Instagram Stories. Since the inception of Instagram Stories, practically every social media platform has followed suit by implementing their own version.

Whether it’s Facebook Stories or Twitter’s recent addition of Fleets, none of it compares to the significance of Instagram Stories. Thus, every business needs to realize the benefits of using Instagram Stories for successful business marketing. With this in mind, consider hopping on a reliable social media marketing website to fast-track your page growth by boosting your Instagram Insights metrics and utilizing the platform algorithm.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what some of these benefits are:

Gets Word Out Fast

Arguably the most significant advantage of Instagram Stories is how quickly it can propel a business for getting the word out. Whether it’s regarding a specific product or an announcement, people are more likely to view an Instagram Story than an actual post.

Thus, it becomes necessary for businesses to use their Instagram Stories to enhance whatever post they end up making. Now, a company doesn’t necessarily need to re-share whatever post they end up making. Still, they can find a creative way to share the post they want to get more attention.

Some businesses will do it by merely highlighting the post and simply putting “new post, check it out!” or something else that’s a bit more in-depth—either way, Instagram Stories excellent for getting content out fast and speaking directly with followers.

Can Create Fun Marketing

As great as it is to think creatively for Instagram posts, it’s even better of an area for creating fun marketing techniques. Rather than rely on a nice looking photo or well-done video for a post, an Instagram Story can allow for a broader range of content without worrying so much about how it looks.

Obviously, businesses shouldn’t randomly start filming content just to throw it up on their Instagram Story. Still, if they can manage to develop a fun behind the scenes element with their Instagram Stories, it can go a long way creativity-wise.

For example, if a business is a restaurant, Instagram Stories can show your hours every day, what food the restaurant is making, how it looks inside the restaurant, etc. The possibilities are truly endless, meaning it can be a lot of fun for a business to thrive in this regard.

Utilizes Real-Time Marketing

Whenever a business or anyone posts an Instagram Story, it exists until 24 hours have passed or the account decides to delete it. Having it only exist for 24 hours max means it utilizes real-time marketing and is a matter of being in the moment.

Most marketing strategies take a look at down the line by making predictions, whereas an Instagram Story is an example of real-time marketing as it’s a direct result of instantaneous content. Whether it’s something simple like sharing a post or making an announcement, all of it is done in real-time.

Of course, some businesses will plan what their Instagram Stories will say, but most do it at the moment. Still, it’s a good idea to plan what’s to come, as every business should be willing to adapt if a particular style of their Instagram Stories doesn’t seem to be working.

Enhances Content

Prior to Instagram Stories, Instagram strictly was about posting and the content someone would see on their feed. Although that’s still a large portion of the platform, Instagram Stories are always right at the top of their screen, meaning people can view it whenever they’re on the platform.

Rather than a business having to worry about people seeing and viewing their post, an Instagram Story allows people to instantly view whatever content the business is trying to get out. In short, these Stories allow for the enhancement of the content.

Considering content is such a significant portion of marketing, it’s intriguing to see how businesses will use Instagram Stories to their advantage. Plus, the creative measure behind Stories only seems to be getting more powerful as businesses learn to make themselves stand out.

Can Re-Post Content

Besides having the ability to get the message out regarding the business itself, Instagram Stories are also commonly used for sharing other content from others. Whether it’s a couple of businesses collaborating or them merely wanting to share what they’re doing, all of it useful.

Plus, sharing content can be extraordinarily powerful for businesses who want to run contests for sharing their posts. You’ll often see a business do a giveaway by saying contestants need to share the post on their Story and by following the account.

Depending on the giveaway, a giveaway can allow business accounts to grow a massive following relatively quickly. However, businesses need to be mindful that any giveaway they want to do will involve them actually going out and getting the giveaway product or service. Plus, it’ll have to be something people are interested in winning.

Can Diversify Mind and Strategy

Since Instagram Stories are such a new and favorable invention, people tend to look toward it as a way to diversify their strategy. Rather than stick to the same formula of content, Stories of any degree allow businesses to try out new concepts and figure out what’ll work best.

Plus, Instagram Stories are great for getting feedback and allowing a business to answer right from their consumer-base. Instead of guessing what’ll work or having plans to figure it out, a simple question survey on an Instagram Story can go a long way in figuring out what’ll work.

All in all, Stories are an excellent way for a business to determine its strategy and change it up when it needs to. Plus, whenever trends pop-up and a business wants to try it out, they can go a long way in going after that specific trend and seeing how it works out with their Story.

Demonstrates High-Quality Content

Most experts will cite high-quality content as part of an actual post, but implementing the same method to an Instagram Story will further that high-quality sensation for the business. After all, every business wants to have a great image to itself in order to grow a following.

Thus, it begs the question of what a business should consider doing for its Story. Whether they want to hire a professional editor and videographer is up to them. Still, the higher the quality is that they give out, the better it tends to be in the long run.

Still, as long as the Story is useful in messaging, it doesn’t matter too much whether or not it’s shot professionally. In fact, there are countless instances where someone tries to perfect their Stories quality-wise, and it ends backfiring on them because they forgot about messaging. In short, messaging is just as important as quality.

Adds to Profile

Nowadays, whenever someone ventures onto a business page, they tend to look for two things: the posts and Stories. Posts are easy to view as someone can quickly skim through and make an assessment on if they should follow the page or not.

Besides the posts, the pages tend to have Stories and allow people to further analyze what the business is all about. If the Stories demonstrate an addition to the page, rather than simply sharing posts, it can do wonders in adding to the profile.

Thus, Stories are a magnificent tool for actually adding to a profile, rather than only using them once in a while. No matter what the ordeal’s specifics might entail, it’s always beneficial for a business to do what they can with Stories as it’ll demonstrate more content for people to check out.

Furthers Visibility

Instagram algorithms tend to favor Instagram Pages that share more content and are more online in a sense. Now, this doesn’t mean businesses should flood their posts and Stories with meaningless content, but realize how they can be used daily.

Posts should typically be done once a day, whereas Stories can be used a few times a day. Depending on the business itself, they may make more posts. Still, they need to be mindful of how much they’re posting as doing it too much is never ideal for a business to succeed.

Connects with Audience

Going back to the notion of taking a survey on an Instagram Story, the same can be said for actually connecting with an audience. Considering businesses are always searching for a creative way to connect and discuss topics with their audience, Instagram Stories are great for this.

Plus, the consumer-base for a business loves being able to talk directly with whatever business they’re interested in, no matter how large the business is. For example, just about every Apple fan would love to talk to Apple CEO Tim Cook, and that same mentality should be applied to connecting with an audience for a business.

 Can Get Audience to Somewhere Else

Besides having the ability to share or enhance the content, Instagram Stories are also great for getting people to go elsewhere. Whether that somewhere is a website, a store, or a friendly promotion of another business, all of it does wonders for marketing.

Thus, it becomes an essential component for a business to get people to go to a specific spot that’s beneficial to them. For example, a restaurant may share their ordering page on their Instagram Story, allowing people to know where they can place their order. The possibilities are endless, meaning businesses should start making Instagram Stories sooner rather than later.

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