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Why Should You Invest in an Automated PIF Manager?

Businesses engaged in the food sector must maintain a PIF or Product Information Form. The requirement is mandatory for all Australian and New Zealand based food businesses to stay compliant with the AFGC or Australian Food & Grocery Council.

But as the business owners will tell you, maintaining such a large number of forms and sharing them with regulators and other concerned institutions is a daunting task. That’s where an automated PIF Manager like the one provided by  comes in. In this article, you’ll know about all the benefits of investing in such an automated manager.

No Manual Intervention Required

Automated systems are designed by keeping one goal in mind, and that is to reduce manual tasks to the minimum. And that’s the central selling point of them. A PIF manager, too, is an automated system, and it requires no manual intervention. You are not required to sit down and key in the value for each food product. The automated system does it for you. You can instantly generate PIF reports for customers and other businesses.

The systems also seamlessly integrate with the Electronic Food Data System. Once integrated, they can then transfer information back and forth using the AFGC PIF XML Messaging protocols. If that sounds too complicated, then know that you don’t have to handle anything manually. The PIF Manager will take care of it, both receiving and sending PIF.

Better Compliance 

The automated systems ensure you stay compliant with the AFGC, ANZ Food Standards Code, and other regulatory bodies.

They gather the data from nutrient analysis software and store them in a single web-based portal. This helps maintain the accuracy of each nutrient value.

Since the system reduces manual work, there’s little room for error. But with manual keying and record-keeping, the errors are often high. Manual record-keeping often leads to inaccurate data, which puts your complaint in jeopardy. A PIF manager eliminates this risk and keeps your business compliant with AFGC.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

The PIF managers offered by software companies are web-based systems. Which means you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. So no matter if you’re at your office or rejuvenating at the shores of the Caribbean, you can access the information stored in the PIF manager.

Besides being accessible, the systems are incredibly secure. Almost all of them are protected by SSL certificates and are encrypted for end-to-end transmission. Thus, you can be sure that the information cannot be accessed by anyone other than your company.

Search For Ingredients Easily

Sorting through paper documents is a hassle and a time-consuming affair. But with an automated system like PIF manager, you can search for the ingredients and labels. This search is very much similar to Google searches you make every day. Just put in the ingredient name or other value you want to search for and hit “Search”. The system will automatically sort through the information and retrieve the matching data. It helps you during the audit trail of changes.

Every food business will have to transition from Excel record-keeping to a cloud-based web portal in the coming months and years. The newer approach not only reduces time but is super efficient at managing everything.

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