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7 Ways to Promote Your Business Through Instagram

Social media has become a game-changer as far as business promotion is concerned.  Gone are the days when only TV, radio or newspapers were the source of advertisement. The digital world and increased usage of the internet have taken the business advertisement by storm. Today, no business can flourish without using social media platforms.

When we talk about social media, the immediate thoughts come to our minds are Facebook or twitter. But, when we confine ourselves to business promotion, Instagram is the platform that strikes our minds instantly. Instagram was launched late (in 2010) as compared to Facebook and Twitter. But it surely has an astounding impact on businesses.

First, we have to understand why Instagram has such immense power for businesses. It is only because it revolves around pictures. A leading Instagram marketing specialist, Mr. Jeremy Camilloni, CEO and founder of Yimbuzz, “Pictures are always easy to remember in comparison with text, therefore Instagram marketing can help your brand grow significantly”.

According to a study, over 500 million active users use Instagram on a daily basis.

So, concerning the above mentioned significance of Instagram, here are seven unique tips that will help any business to promote and generate leads.

1. Increase Your Participation

Instagram operates as a community, and it has its own following. Do not take it as something alienated with other social media platforms.

The most significant benefit a community gives is a sense of participation. Through participation, you make your reputation, and others see you as a member of the community.

So, it is essential that you participate in this community by writing in the comment section. To establish yourself, follow other businesses (including competitors) and influencers.

Also, you should reply to your followers through comments. In return, you will get suggestions or critiques, which will help you to improve.

2. Repost Relevant Content

Instagram is not just making your content. It is also about making your account suitable with the post related to your business.

Many a time, apparel brands repost some relevant posts or articles regarding different trends in fashion. Sometimes, they share some information regarding the textile sector.

This helps their business to influence the followers of the account they are reposting.

As a consequence, the community becomes close, and more importantly, the overall community gets the benefit. In a nutshell, it creates a win-win situation.

3. Consistency in Brand Identity

Instagram gives you another option for your business to create your existence. It is like another business channel.

Customers always get used to of business’ logo. To remain consistent, the brand’s logo should be kept constant.

Instagram branding

Your website sets the tone of your business. That very tone is then carried by your Facebook and different other social media accounts. If a customer finds the sound on your Instagram different, it will create confusion.

Consistency is the key to remain relevant across all platforms. Therefore, tone and Content on Instagram should be similar to what is available on the website and other social media channels.

4. Remain Away from Copy Paste

It is vital to remain consistent with the website’s one. But to post similar-looking content in every social media account will be a disaster.

It is like walking on a tight rope. As you have to maintain consistency while making all the social media platforms look slightly differentiated.

Related post on all accounts is nothing but annoying. Consequently, disruption occurs, and it is unfriendly for engaging purposes.

But there is an exception to this copy paste rule. For example, if you are promoting a new product or introducing a new service, all your social media should be alike. This will make followers see the new product or service again and again. Consequently, it will help your followers to remember the upcoming product.

Instagram marketing

5. Follow the Trends

Holidays and trends go hand in hand. Nowadays, different kinds of holidays are celebrated all around the globe. Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas etc. few to name.

For the holidays, followers generally engaged more as businesses throw a variety of offers. For grabbing the followers’ attention, content related to the trend is quite crucial.

Apart from famous or widely celebrated holidays, some local community and influencers’ also celebrate specific holidays.

Therefore, it is essential to keep a close eye on the local community for trending hashtags and keywords to inspire your followers.

6. Website Link in Bio

This is as obvious as one plus one equals two. But still, it is vital to remember and include in your Instagram account.

Why is bio important in an Instagram account? Because it is the best way to make your follower or visitor navigates to your website. As a result, you will get new traffic, and most probably, the visitor or follower will select a product for his or her cart.

Instagram marketing

Therefore, Instagram is not only about promotion, but it is also useful for sales generation. That is why you use this platform. Another example is Rolex use of the bio in a minimalism and simple style.

7. Content is King

Again it is understood. Still, it is vital to discuss.

According to research, over 100 million pictures and videos are posted on Instagram every day. This shows how significant pictorial content is!

Seiko Astron
Seiko Astron

Content just for the sake of content will do no good to your business. Blurry pictures with hashtags-less posts will take the followers away from you.


Instagram is all about picture-based content. Therefore, you should use high-quality pictures with relevant hashtags. That’s all you need to be a prominent business. Also, with the help of Instagram marketing, you can grow your brand’s social presence in a short period.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will help you promote and grow your business via dynamic social media platform, i.e. Instagram.

Article written by Jeremy.


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