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Instagram for Business: Tips from the Tourism Industry

Instagram for Business: Tips from the Tourism Industry

Tourism is one of the much-evolved industries with the increased use of social media platforms. Many bloggers choose this niche to share their personal tour stories and to gain benefits from their travel guide. Instagram has a lot to offer to the right brand, and it is up to you to try ways to be one of the ‘right’ brands in the eyes of your audience.

Looking back, it’s evident that social media has had a huge impact on the tourism industry. We are affected by influencers and social media posts, and when people share posts from particular locations, people naturally want to go there. If you can leverage the power of social media correctly, Instagram can be a tremendously powerful marketing tool for the tourism industry and to attract future visitors by inspiring them when deciding their future destination.

The tourism industry is a particularly good one for Instagram since you can create a ton of beautiful and inspiring visual content that people enjoy seeing. Especially on a platform like Instagram.

Here are some pro tips for these travel bloggers, tourists, travel agents, and other related people to feature themselves in the best possible manner on Instagram.

Instagram for the tourism industry: Consistent Designing Style

You should opt for a particular stylizing mode for your images and stick with it as it will become your signature style and become your identity. Don’t switch styles of your images frequently or you won’t be able to get recognized in the crowd. Build a theme of your brand through your images. What we mean by that is you create a theme on your Instagram profile by only posting a particular type of images that are similarly styled. This allows people to instantly recognize the style of your posts and immediately associate it with your company.

Furthermore, having a particular style helps you mediate the feeling you want to mediate with your posts. You can, for example, only make posts of stunning beaches which can be really inspiring and give a welcoming and relaxing impression. The key is to find your style, the feeling you want to meditate, and then be consistent.

High-Resolution Photographs

Instagram is all about sharing photos and quality visual content is the crucial element of success on Instagram. You must use good quality and high-resolution images and photographs to grab the attention of your viewers. Especially the tourism industry can attract new customers and followers only through their visually stimulating images. The eye-catching views of natural scenery compel the viewers to spend at least a few moments staring at the image and click to know its demographics.

The size of your image matters too on Instagram. Use 1080px photos for getting the best quality images on Instagram.

In this day and age, people expect nothing but high-quality images. Your iPhone camera will do a really good job, but if you want to take it one step further, you can buy a better camera dedicated to your social media photos. Also, don’t forget to edit your photos to improve them before sharing them with the world.

Moderate Number of Posts

The number of posts you upload each week on Instagram affects engagement on your profile. Post consistently on your profile preferably every day so that you won`t disappear from the newsfeed of your followers.

It’s true that your presence on Instagram increases engagement on your profile but don’t go overboard with it. If you will start posting several times a day you will more likely lose your followers as they will unfollow you. Your recent tour plan might be very exciting for you but it might not be very appealing for your followers or they might not be interested. Your constant bombardment of posts related to the same tour will definitely drop down your value and people will move away from your profile.

Be consistent about your posting pattern whether you choose to post every day or a few times a week. Ideally, you should post at least a few times a week, but once a day is a good rule to follow. If you want to make even more posts, you can also use Instagram’s Stories feature in order to post more “raw” and in-the-moment posts to get closer to your audience and to better mediate what the destination is like.

User-Generated Content

You need to post new and fresh ideas and photos every day on Instagram to keep your viewers intact with your profile. But generating fresh content on a daily basis is not a piece of cake. You might not be able to capture new photos or unable to create fresh content on some busy days but you definitely don’t want to lose the interest of your audience too.

Here comes user-generated content on your rescue. Invite your clients to share their experience with your services and post their own photos on your profile. This will relieve your burden and your loyal client will be happy to get featured. Invite fellow bloggers on your profile to share their experience and review about you. User-generated content is very helpful in increasing the engagement on your profile and in boosting your exposure. People trust their peers far more than they do a company, and therefore, taking advantage of the content that other people create from your destination is a really good idea. It’s also a good idea because it means that you don’t have to create the content all of the time but can also take advantage of the content that other people have created.

Also, by sharing user-generated content, you engage with them in a different way and invite them to return to the destination.

Interact with Your Audience

Always show some love and respect for your followers by valuing their presence. Appreciate them for liking your posts and comment back to interact with them. This will help you in creating a personalized bond with your audience and they will feel valued. Remember, Instagram is social media, so it’s not only right that you are social.

Always reply back to people on your post as soon as possible as this will increase engagement on your profile and commenters will get an incentive to react on future posts too. Interacting with your audience also increase your reach and help you in presenting your ideas in more details. If people have questions, make sure you answer them as quickly as possible. When you build relationships with your audience, you will also dramatically increase the chances of them actually visiting in the future.

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