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6 Tips to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users, less competition and a more committed audience than other large social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Whether your strategy needs an update or if you are a newcomer to this social network, you will find these tips very useful for your business, take note!

1. Show what you do in a creative way

Focus on the solution you give, not on the product you sell. On Instagram, it is essential to add value to the followers and look really good while doing it. Never underestimate that your most important asset in this social network is the visual content. If your business is service-oriented, focus on showing the process behind it. Show the culture of your company, share your mission with the world or simply share some tips. It is possible to upload photos, short videos like the Boomerang Gifs and videos of up to one minute in length. “Showing what you do” may find its best appearance when you open That company shows its characteristics well by promoting its links. And it is proven! Many students who need help in writing projects feel helpful because gpalabs is able to provide quality services that are balanced with its promotional efforts.

2. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have a slide format and only last 24 hours (you can also save them for later reuse). This new feature is the direct competition of Snapchat and is currently being used extensively on Instagram.

These are some benefits of using these stories:

– Stories are displayed strikingly at the top of the timeline, just below the logo of ‘Camera’.
– They can be used to capture content behind the scenes that does not need to be of high quality like that of the publications.
– It makes it easy to experiment with different formats such as photos, videos and Boomerang (GIF).
– It allows you to tag other accounts.
– Funny filters for the face, texts and stickers to edit the images.

All the photos and videos that you add will be played right in the order in which you add them, you can add as many as you wish. You can use Instagram Stories to get the right audience and promote your products and / or services.

3. Create a winning profile

As a company, you surely offer a lot of things and even more solutions. Do not despair for putting all that in 150 characters, just focus on the most important. Since the only clickable link is in your profile (just below your name), update it regularly. It is a pity that most brands use only the link of their websites. Think better: put links to events, registrations and promotions.

4. Present behind the scenes

All the followers have a natural curiosity to know where the products come from, and Instagram is the best way to show the whole cycle. This is relevant, specifically for companies that sell environmentally friendly products. Post images to know how the products are made: material base, production and distribution. If nothing comes to your mind you can share images that everyone has: sketches, notes and full slate. Each business has its own brainstorming, so it’s up to you to take an attractive photo and post it on Instagram

5. Use labels

Use labels to expand your reach. These can be part of a specific or general campaign, the important thing here is that they are relevant. Also make sure to establish your own label and use it in each publication. This helps people find your content and publications more easily.

6. Collaborate and mention others

Instagram is one of the strongest social networks to highlight collaborators and share success stories. Even if you do not belong to an NGO, you can do charity or organize a fundraiser once a year. This is ideal as long as the cause aligns with the values and mission of your brand. Keep in mind that not everyone monitors labels on Instagram, so labeling an account is often a better option if you want to be recognized.

We hope these tips are useful when attracting more customers to your business. Do you have any other advice that we can add to the list? Your opinion is important!

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