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How to Use Instagram for Business: Top 6 Guides

Unlike other social media like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has more active users, a more engaged audience, and less competition. All of these presents Instagram with an opportunity to market the products to a more interested audience. In addition, they don’t have to spend a considerable chunk of money on advertisements. 

Also, Instagram’s API allows its users to post videos and photos directly into an Instagram business account using third-party platforms from the likes of Sendible, which allows for higher accessibility and a better business handling experience for brands and people alike. If you are someone looking to start a business account in Instagram or is new to the platform, here are the best Instagram business strategies you can follow: 

Getting Started 

The hardest part of using a platform for business is when you are starting out. The beginning stages are the most challenging stage of a business, and gaining followers during that period can be extremely difficult. While Instagram provides different advertising tools, you need to have good content to make any utility out of them. Following some of the top Instagram users may give you good ideas about your business. It Is natural that all posts will not be public, therefore you may use a private viewer to view their post anonymously. How to view private Instagram profiles, that must be a concern now. There are many private viewers available in the market. You just have to find the appropriate one for yourself.

One of the easier ways of getting started on Instagram is simply buying Instagram followers. And you can buy IG Followers easily, but we don’t necessarily suggest going that route. However, if you are frustrated with the process and see no other option available, buying a few followers might not be the worst idea. However, if you do wish to walk the long walk and take the hard path, the probability of success is much higher, given that you stay persistent. 

Use A Business Profile

Companies and businesses need to provide value to the customer. A business may do a lot of things that can hardly be put into a paragraph that Instagram usually allows. To make a good business profile, always focus on the most important USP of that moment. 

The clickable links in your Bio section should be changed often to include things like event registration, app downloads, or even new product purchases. Since Instagram already launched Business profiles and various advertising options, you use the features that come with the new avenues. For example, the Business profile allows you to add a phone number to your bio and access extensive analytical data that you would not have access to unless you are using the Business profile. 


It is an Instagram feature that allows users to upload long-duration videos to the platform. IGTV videos are relatively longer and allow for more opportunities to create fresh, fun, and engaging content for your brand. The main benefits of IGTV use: 

  1. The videos you post can be anywhere from a minute to an hour-long, leaving a lot of room for creative output. 
  2. The tab “Following” in IGTV lets the fans have easy access to new content that you post. You can also alert your followers when you post something new.
  3. The videos posted on IGTV serve as a different platform to showcase your content, allowing for more engagement and a higher chance for the stories to be seen.
  4. The videos you post through IGTV can also be incorporated into the newsfeed, increasing reachability, visibility, and engagement.
  5. Users can comment on IGTV videos, and other users can see them. This increases trust and adds social proof. 

Display Creativity

It’s essential that you can provide value to your customers on Instagram; it’s not about the products that you sell but rather the solutions you provide and how helpful the solutions are to your clients. Do not forget that one of the most useful and essential assets you have on Instagram is visual content. 

If you are running a more service-oriented business, then focus on showing the behind-the-scenes of your service processes.  Display and portray to others on Instagram your company culture, the vision, and different tips and tricks. There are various ways and formats through which you can take advantage of all of these through the Instagram platform. You can also use Boomerangs (similar to GIFs). 

Utilize Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are only visible for 24 hours with a slideshow format. However, it can be permanently visible if you decide to add them to your profile’s highlight. That way, it will show up even after the original story is gone. This feature is continually being developed by Instagram and was first developed to answer Snapchat’s story feature. Here are some advantages of Instagram stories: 

  1. Under the Instagram logo, Instagram stories are displayed sitting at the top of your followers’ timelines. They are also quite prominent, which helps with discoverability. 
  2. Instagram stories can be of lower quality than the regular high-quality posts of a page. These can be behind the scenes. However, it does not mean that stories can be boring posts and videos. 
  3. Stories allow you to experiment a bit with different types of content and posts.
  4. You can tag other accounts in the stories. This is a deal for collaborators and influencer marketing.
  5. Face filters, stickers, texts, and other fun additions are usable in the stories to make them more engaging. 
  6. Locations and hashtags, and story searches make them very discoverable. 
  7. When you are posting story videos or photos, they will be played in the same sequence as you upload them in, and you can add multiple.

Utilize Hashtags 

Hashtags can be used to expand your reach. Different movements, campaigns, and generally important hashtags help you get in front of relevant new customers. However, you also need to make sure that you are using your main company hashtag (i.e., the brand name) along with other hashtags and utilizing them sparingly on different platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Typically, we suggest you use anywhere from 3 to 5 hashtags even though you are allowed to add 30 per post on Instagram. Use your content hashtags as well as different popular hashtags to elevate the reachability of your content.

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