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How to Identify the Best Ad Formats for a CPA Offer

Attracting clients through the CPA model implies paying webmasters for each target action the users they attract perform. This model has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, gradually replacing other pricing models. Let’s take a look at the ad formats with the highest CPA conversion rates.

Why are CPA Offers so Popular

CPA offers have occupied 80% of the affiliate marketing market because all market participants find them convenient. Advertisers pay only for the user action that lets them turn a profit: registering, installing an app, making a deposit, placing an order, etc. While affiliates that use the CPA model always get better payouts and higher overall profits. For novice webmasters, the main challenge is attracting a more motivated target audience. Therefore, it is better to use ad formats that bring in warmed-up leads.

Identifying the Best Ad Formats for a CPA Offer

The main factors to consider when choosing ad formats:

  • traffic cost;
  • targeting settings;
  • coverage width;
  • creatives.

The cost of traffic is important when working with any offer because the cheaper the traffic, the more profit the affiliate will receive. The most important factor in the CPA model is targeting. If there are few targeting settings, the campaign will target an audience too wide and you’ll end up draining your budget for nothing.

A minimum set of targeting settings for CPA offers includes:

  • sex;
  • age;
  • country and city of residence;
  • platform;
  • OS;
  • language;
  • display day and time.

Thanks to such settings, you can reach the audience most relevant for your offer.

If there’s no way to target narrow groups of users, you should focus on cheap traffic and massive coverage — this will also help you stay in the black. 

Native Ads

Native advertising meets all the traffic criteria for CPA offers. Its low price and a wide range of targeting settings will allow you to conduct numerous tests with different settings to correctly identify your audience.

Creatives play an important role here too. To grab the customer’s attention, they must contain a unique selling proposition and a call to action.

The advantage of native advertising is that its main task is a call to action, which is exactly what the CPA model is aimed at. And with its unobtrusiveness, it annoys users the least compared to other ad formats. If the creative is designed well, some people won’t even realize they clicked on an ad. They trust the offer, meaning such a strategy increases the conversion rate.


Push notifications work well with mobile and desktop traffic. The advantage of this format is that it allows you to expose your audience to many different offers. Not to mention that users subscribe to push notifications voluntarily, meaning the audience is warmed-up. Wide targeting settings will allow you to customize the campaign so that notifications are sent to the most relevant audience. This ad format is launched on many popular offers: adult, games, betting, apps.

Popunder Ads

The Popunder format is currently the cheapest one on the market and has the widest coverage. It’s impossible to target a narrow audience when working through popunders. Since this is a banner-type ad format, you should focus on the creatives and coverage. Despite the fact that this format is more aggressive than native ads or push notifications, it provides high ROI rates thanks to its low cost.

Another advantage is that there are practically no restrictions involved when it comes to popunders, meaning you can use them for gray-hat offers. This format is great at converting traffic from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries where the population isn’t as tech-savvy and doesn’t use ad blockers. 

This article was written in partnership with Galaksion.

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