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Instagram Feed Tips to Transform Your Graphic Design Business into a Brand

Social media has taken precedence when it comes to marketing and promotion for business houses and brands. Social media handles like Instagram are ideal for artists and freelancers to showcase their talents and create a business profile to manage marketing strategies. However, to do it right, you need to manage your Instagram feed the right way to add value to your venture.

Keep in mind that Instagram is the right platform for connecting with your followers and your target audience. Clients also go through the Instagram profile of creators to check their skills, current work, and high-value ongoing projects. All this proves that Instagram plays a vital role in developing even a modest venture into a global brand.

Instagram is a popular social media platform with over a million global users. As a graphic designer, you can build a professional Instagram profile if you do it right. The first step is to create a popular profile with an adequate number of followers, likes, and comments. If you are unsure about developing a follower base, keep in mind that third-party services like Insta 4 provide you with legitimate followers and user interactions to generate the profile’s traction.

So, how to manage your feed when you are looking to make it big in the world of graphic designing? Let us have a look at the tips to utilize your Instagram feed professionally.

Manage the theme of the brand

When you are looking to build a great graphic design business, you need to start by creating a theme for your brand. When deciding on the theme, you need to consider carefully with regards to the color and imagery of the brand logo and the theme. Keep in mind you can color-coordinate your theme with Instagram for the best results when incorporating the two. There are considerations regarding the photo backdrop, packaging, and quotes that you need to factor-in while developing the brand theme and logo.

Manage the rows

When you are looking to create a unique visual appeal and the best aesthetics, then you need to play around with the row and the grid display of Instagram. This can be utilized for showcasing models, products, photoshoots, and new builds. It is all about the visual aesthetics, and all you need is a brainstorming session to figure out what works the best in your case.

Organize the image tiles

If you are looking to make your graphic design Instagram feed appear distinctly different from your competitors, you need to organize the profile page’s tile layout. When in doubt regarding the arrangement, you can go for designs that are easily perceived by the users and your page’s followers.

Using the photo backdrop to your advantage

When you are looking to build an aesthetically pleasing feed, you can use similar backdrops for all your images. This will create an impression of consistency and make sure that your feed looks crisp and clean. It will also enable your posts and pictures to stand out free from the background distractions and clutter. Keep in mind that if you can facilitate your followers’ concentration on the correct aspect of the posts and images, the better it is for your brand.

Using the rainbow feed

Multiple artwork colors work the best when you are looking to gain traction. The rainbow Instagram feed is designed specifically for furniture stores, apparel sellers, graphic designers, and other artistic/creative endeavors. So, if you are looking to think outside the box, the rainbow feed might be the best idea for your needs.

About filters

Filters are essential when you are looking to keep up with the consistent posting of high-quality images. However, here is the fact that you need to keep in mind before dabbling with filters. Use them minimally, and even when they work like a charm, the idea is to use the same filter for every image. It will make sure that all the posts have a common theme.

The puzzle feed

The puzzle feed is a great idea, and several brands, companies, and freelancers are using this to make the Instagram profile stand out among the thousands of profiles all over the internet.

Quote sharing

Sharing of quotes, especially by other professionals, expert figures, and artists, is an excellent idea as they resonate with followers and internet citizens. Keep in mind that it is all about the motivation and the drive. Inspirational quotes do just that and more. Therefore, using quotes from authority content and figures are extremely beneficial if done right.

It is an excellent idea to collaborate on Instagram and your graphic design concern. Make sure that you follow our list of tips when playing around with your Instagram feed for the best results. All the best to you.

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