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How To Efficiently Use Instagram To Promote Your Brand, Generate Leads, And Boost Your Sales

Selling without directly trying to sell is the key to using Instagram for business. If using images to market your brand is your strongest trait, there is no better social media platform than Instagram. Every single day, users share millions of photos on Instagram. Therefore, if you wish to create a business page on Instagram, and make a visible improvement to your sales, adopt the right strategies.

Tweak your profile 

Avoid using the same Instagram profile for your business and personal posts. Professionalism balanced with good engagement can boost your business’ sales that it deserves.

In the Bio section of your profile, you should ignore keywords and focus on crisp value-adding content instead. Details about your business, contact number, email id, website details, and links to other social media profile pages are critical parts of the Bio. Besides this, you should also include a pristine story that tells your audience why they should follow your business page. If you have a business logo designed already, use it as the profile picture on all your social media profiles as the only display picture that your followers get to associate with the posts. Profile name, profile picture, and the overall theme should resonate with the core idea of your business in order to create a strong brand image.

Photos that take your business page to the next level 

From design inspirations to updates in the world of fashion, Instagrammers of different age groups has different expectations from Instagram. The key is to gauge your audience’s expectations and personalize your posts to make them appear more relatable to the crowd. Now that you can post videos besides images on the Feed and Stories on Instagram, use an efficient Instagram video creator to add more power to your posts. A mix of videos, images, boomerangs, GIFs, and IGTV videos can give you the best content layout on Instagram.

The images and the type of posts you created should be such that your followers would themselves be tempted to place an order. Instead of merely posting product images, you can include images or videos that show the actual ways in which the product adds value. If yours is a business selling home décor supplies, for example, demonstrate a room makeover before and after images where your décor supplies create magic.

All about Instagram images 

Choreographing the perfect shot includes choosing a relevant scene, which the audience can easily connect with. The other most important aspect is to capture professional quality images. Mobile selfies with a little touch up might work for your personal Instagram profile but use a digital camera and capture high-definition pictures for your business profile. Edit and save your images in a square frame at high resolution so that when Instagram corrects them, no part of the image is cropped.

Even when you use videos, there are video editing tools you can rely on. These will help you stick with consistent themes and aesthetics of your videos.

Hashtag it right 

With Instagram posts, it is about including the right kind of hashtags and the right number of hashtags. Pick the most relevant ones and stay away from those that are too generic. Using too many hashtags will not necessarily earn a large number of likes and shares. It is about using a handful of powerful hashtags or even creating the most suitable ones. You can add them either in the comments section or the post description.

Tips to improve your Instagram following 

  • One of the most reliable ways to improve your Instagram follower count is through contests and giveaways. Once you have significantly sized-up the following count on your business page, start introducing giveaways and other types of interactive posts where you encourage your existing followers to tag their friends and help expand your reach.
  • Using high-quality videos and images is also crucial for improving your following and earning relevant followers. You can use promo video templates for better traction that would gain their attention. These help you start right when it comes to creating promo videos for your contests or even direct ads for your business. You can create a hashtag for your contests and include the hashtag in all announcements pertaining to the contest, right up to the day you announce the winners.
  • Interacting and collaborating with influencers or business profiles in the same line as yours would also help. Collaborative videos can help your business acquire some new followers from the influencer’s or business’ profile you collaborate with. 
  • Maintaining your followers’ interest is equally important. For this, you should consider the consumption pattern and look for those time slots where there is maximum interaction on your posts. Pick such slots and post regularly so that there is always something for your followers to look forward to.
  • Use your Instagram page as the exclusive platform to access some insider information like early updates about upcoming sales. You can also provide special reveals of sale prices on the Instagram page or include special discounts for your Instagram followers.

Importance of user-generated content for elevating sales 

User-generated content contributes a great deal to the sales. Encourage your customers to share images once they try your products or services. Look for customer images where they tag your business page and then share them on your page. Stories from happy customers provide the most credible reviews for your business. Making that first sale happen from your potential customers depends on such customer-generated content.

Besides taking all the above steps to improve your Instagram business profile, you should also focus on customer engagement. Live sessions for interaction and timely replies to comments are the most significant ways to strengthen customer engagement on Instagram.

While continuously engaging with your followers, you should also keep a close watch on the progress. Analyzing the sales pitches that your Instagram page yields and timely improvement in your Instagram strategies can give consistent results for your business. Along with this, watch Instagram ads tutorial resources online and create them for your page to attract customer attention, thereby elevating sales.

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