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Best Casino TV Adverts

With the worlds very first TV advert being broadcast almost 80 years ago TV has grown to become the most dominant and successful form of advertising for all goods and services across the globe, and even though we live in an age of social media where our habits can change easily, TV advertising remains the most effective way of getting brands known.

Of course, the scale of any advertising campaign is a vital factor in how effective its outcome will be. Reaching the largest number of people in the shortest space of time is preferable and since the number of TV channels has grown exponentially there are very few audiences that cannot be engaged through the medium of TV from those channels that have almost universal appeal to those channels that stream niche subject matter.

 Three of the Best Online Casino Adverts 

The creative scope of TV allows the developers plenty of room to achieve advertisements that stand out and engage the audience, and if it is done right then people will remember the brand when they come to choosing goods or services. The gambling industry over the years has used the medium of TV to promote their brands with some entertaining advertisements that engaged their audiences very well. Below are just three that proved to be a ‘hit’ with many people.

BGO Casino

It was back in 2014 that BGO launched what was to be a very successful advertising campaign called ‘Beat the Boss’ which starred the late great actor Verne Troyer (best know for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers films). A simple advert that encouraged those who had not signed up to come visit and try to beat the Boss who was a rather hot-headed character. 

Ran in conjunction with a series of bonus offers like free spins and match bonuses the Beat the Boss TV campaign has a great comedic tone about it as the lively Troyer challenges each an everyone watching. 

Not only do advertisements bring goods or services right into millions of homes via the TV but they also serve to help those interested how to find trusted websites instead of having to trawl through different online casinos in this instance which can take a great deal of time, something none of us appear to be rich in nowadays.

Foxy Casino 

Another highly successful advertising campaign was created by Foxy Casino and since its launch back in 2015 the brand has become known as a fun place to play that has a great selection of games and generous bonuses on offer to both new and existing players. 

Teaming up with Heather Graham who appeared in various promotional pieces as well as some TV advertisements Foxy Casino enjoyed a surge in traffic. It’s a reasonable assumption to say that Foxy Casino chose to hire a famous actress to front their own promotional campaign after seeing the decision of BGO to hire Verne Troyer, and even if that assumption is wrong the hiring of Heather Graham proved to be a wise move by Foxy Casino. 


Finally, we are going to look at one TV advert that was for the online bingo lovers out there. Online bingo has become a firm favorite with many people perhaps because it is such a social game, and the Mecca TV add made use of one of the catchiest party tunes of all time – the Macarena.

With people dancing to the Macarena (although the song name has been changed to the Meccarena) this advert will certainly annoy a few who cannot get it out of their minds once hearing it!  Loud and catchy this simply created but deviously clever marketing will no doubt have helped to increase Mecca to boost their revenues.

With some clever targeting, it’s very possible to deliver TV ads that match the context they appear in, and as a result of this then any audience watching the ads are more likely to be engaged and give greater attention rather than using the advert breaks as an excuse to make a drink or snack.

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