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Instagram’s New Algorithm Feed – Good or Bad?

Instagram’s New Algorithm Feed – Good or Bad?

Instagram recently launched a new way of displaying content in your feed, called “Instagram algorithm”. The name is basically self-explanatory. Instead of showing pictures posted by those you follow in a chronological order, Instagram uses an advanced algorithm to decide “what is relevant for you” This update is a big deal that puts a lot of question marks above peoples’s head.

But is the huge update good or bad? That’s what we will find out in this article.

Let´s begin with figuring out what the Instagram algorithm mean. The Instagram algorithm is similar to the complicated Facebook news feed algorithm where the content that shows up in your feed ranks on “what you like”. Instagram´s own motivation to this update is:

“On average, people miss 70 percent of their feeds. It has become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share as Instagram has grown. Over the past few months, we brought this new way of ordering posts to a portion of the community, and we found that people are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.”

Okay, so this doesn’t seem too bad at all. But what about us stalkers that scroll through people’s feed without engaging? Nope, they will probably not be shown in your feed.

As with any change, there is always potential for a good side. As you might have experienced before the algorithm was launched, when a person you followed spam posted a lot of pics after eachotger on Instagram it could bury the rest of your feed’s photos and I really believe that the algorithm will help defeating this problem. However, I am not convinced yet that the Instagram algorithms is a good thing so let’s carry on to answer the question we all want an answer to: New Instagram Algorithm feed-Good or bad?

There’s no shortage of bad Instagrammers out there. We all know that there are endless account that post really boring and low-quality content so to say, so a filtration of these would be good right? The difference between the algorithm system and the chronological system is that growing an Instagram audience and creating a loyal follower base demands you to post interesting content, otherwise you won’t show up in a lot of people´s feeds. This means that Instagram has created a higher competition among the accounts to win followers and a place in the follower´s daily feed. Learn how you can increase the quality of your content.

Instagram's New Algorithm Feed - Good or Bad?

Lastly, is the big change good or bad? It is up to you to decide. If you think about the part where you will see less spammy pictures in your feed and mostly get followers that really are engaged in your content – then sure.

Instagram’s New Algorithm Feed – Good or Bad?  Have you decided on your opinion?

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the update.

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