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285+ Funny Comments for Friends Pic on Instagram (2024)

Have you ever seen your closest friend, the platonic love of your life, post such a stunning, jaw-dropping photo that your heart stops for a moment, but you don’t know what to say on her post to appropriately praise her as the goddess she is?! Well then, this guide will surely help you!!

Why Post Funny Comments On Your Friends’ Post?

Instagram comments

People need to know your bestie is the best, but how can you do it simply in less than 50 words without writing a highly emotional soliloquy that would turn everyone (even their prospective suitors) away?

It is a very delicate balance to achieve. It is too vulgar, and your best buddy can be reported. No one will get it if it’s too inside of a joke.

This is not between the two of you, but between you and her hundreds of followers, you must keep your comments on your friend’s post professional yet emotional — and we’ve compiled this list of Instagram comment ideas to help you.

Funny Comments On Friends Pics For Boys Out There 

If you want to leave hilarious comments on your friend’s Instagram photos, all you have to do is copy and paste these smart one-liners. They are crisp, to the point, and will undoubtedly make your friends chuckle.

  • You know the friendship is genuine when he helps you clean up after a night of drinking and passing out, if you get what I mean!
  • God knows how many times I’ve survived circumstances like this one. 
  • We are best friends. Always remember that I will pick you up if you fall once I’ve had enough laughing. Even after that, there are no guarantees!
  • You and I are more than just BFFs. We’re like a little, winy gang. 
  • Great friends won’t let you do strange things alone.
  •  I’d take the nerf bullet for you. That’s my friendship. Hahaha!
  • You make every other male in the group feel inferior, and I absolutely like you for it. Kisses and hugs!
  • I will text you 50 times and have no guilt or regrets!
  • You’re my friend, and you signed up for this insane person!
  •  We’ve been pals for so long that I don’t remember which of us is the negative influence. Um, I assume it’s you!
  • I never think about sipping ice tea when I wake up with you. 
  • There’s nothing better than a buddy unless it comes with pastries and food. 
  • With this one around, I can usually giggle all day without him becoming annoyed. Me being me!!
  • We will be buddies forever because we are too lazy and uninterested in making new pals. 
  • You had me at “I hate him too.” Yaya! 
  • At the very least, this buffoon likes me for being a strange human. 
  • As a friend, please know that I will care for my business and yours.  Did you receive that?
  • True friendship is when a friend comes to your place, and you both take a relaxing snooze. 
  • I am the best buddy you must explain to your other friends before meeting me. 
  • Do we run? Yes. Out of patience and money

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Funny Comments For Girl-Friends Out There

Get ready because we’ve discovered plenty if you’ve been seeking amusing comments on friends’ Instagram photos. These remarks are cool and snarky, and will accurately identify your friendship as one full of fun and games.

  • You make me want to steal your entire outfit. P.S. Can I borrow the top? Excuse me, but everyone needs to like this photo immediately since it’s the most fantastic thing they’ve ever seen. 
  • Which major photographer are you posing for today? 
  • You make things appear so enjoyable! Can we get together soon? I am dying to meet you, darling!
  • When I see your unpleasant self, my eyes form a small heart. Please do not murder me because of this!
  • Friends buy you delicious meals. Best buddies enjoy your food without feeling guilty. 
  • If we’ve been together this long, we’re definitely up to something big!
  • Talk to me frequently. My ears desire to hear your incessant talking and unpleasant voice. 
  • Thanks to your constant discussions, I know the difference between the stars whenever I view them. I adore my wacky, goofy, sometimes bothersome best buddy. 
  • I’m sending this selfie to NASA since you’re a superstar. 
  • Your life is like a movie; all I need is a nice drink and popcorn. 
  • Damn, that smile might kill me!  
  • Nobody but, me, and only me can take credit for this beautiful photo of my best friend!
  • Excuse me, sunset, but you’re blocking my view of my stunning best buddy.
  • The world’s most gorgeous bestie is already taken—# SorryNotSorry. 
  • Aside from chocolate and Chinese, you are undoubtedly my favorite thing. 
  • It is okay if you do not like me, sweetie. But, sadly, not everyone has good taste. Hahaha!
  • Friendship is about meeting individuals who are insane. 
  • You don’t need to be insane to be my buddy. I’ll train you enough to push your boundaries. 
  • They nickname us the Three Musketeers, which is the nicest compliment. 
  • Women crush every day. Trust me, I’m not lying. 

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Good Generic Comments For Instagram

  • The hottest influencer in town… [Heart eyes emoji]
  • Wow, another unexpected girlboss moment! [laughing emoji].
  • Not shown: I squatted close to the planter to obtain your angles.
  • Wow, another full day of being fascinated with you.
  • Hottie alert!
  • Why isn’t this post getting a million more likes?
  • Excuse me, Queen; you dropped this. [Crown emoji].
  • A whole Goddess.
  • I need this photo framed!
  • Blessing my feed once more.
  • Leave some sexiness for the rest of us! [Fire Emoji]
  • Why does it feel like your hot girl’s summer lasts all year?
  • Please calm down, Ma’am! My heart cannot keep up. [Panting Emoji]
  • Fits are perfect again [sigh], but what else is new?
  • Ma’am, I have affection for you; please react.
  • This is the finest photo I’ve seen today.
  • Excuse me, everyone. Everyone should double-tap this photo right away. It’s the most stunning thing you’ll ever see.
  • This beauty knows no bounds.
  • This topic totally deserves a Yasss queen!
  • Excuse me, but who is the model I am following?

Comments For Friends’ Selfie

  • I’ve never seen a selfie of yours that I disliked.
  • Sorry for bothering you, lovely, but I’d like to have your phone number.
  • You’re the only VS model I need.
  • You are the sexiest thing to grace the earth since the Yucatan meteor annihilated the dinosaurs.
  • You look so fresh; you might be a $13 salad.
  • You need a tip jar since you’re serving looks!
  • Please step on me; it would be an honor.
  • Please shatter my heart; you would be excellent at it. [Panting Emoji]
  • Damn, that grin is really scary.
  • How can you make a phone selfie appear like a professional cameraman shot it?

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Cute Instagram Comments

  • Blessed my eyes once more.
  • You’re unreal. [Heart Eyes]
  • It appears that the sun has come out.
  • This outfit merits admiration. (Clap emoji)
  • I’m sending this image to NASA since you’re a star.
  • Finally, a snap worth billions.
  • You promised to return my clothing shortly.
  • Nobody should be permitted to look this adorable. How did you do that?
  • You are an example of beauty.
  • I adore your curly hair!!!

Comments For Group Pics

  • You ladies seem like you could slay a Roman army.
  • Bestie time is the finest.
  • My wives are for life.
  • In the worst-case scenario, the squad comes first.
  • We have each other’s back.
  • Friends who slay together stick together.
  • Find your tribe and love them deeply.
  • Sisters of the heart rather than blood.
  • They detest us because they are not us.
  • Sort folks are my sort of people.
  • We only roll with goddesses.
  • Could you please repeat this day?!

Funny Comments For Your Friends’ Post

  • Life alert! I slipped and fell for a beautiful woman… [Sad emoji]
  • Stop, drop, and roll. My best friend is pure fire!
  • Gosh, darling, can I slide? [Tongue Emoji]
  • Back off, guys; she’s taken!!
  • Hey, darling, are you up? [eggplant emoji].
  • Please, trophy wife me up already! So, what are you waiting for? [pleading eyes emoji].
  • Wow, you appear so on fire that the NYFD received 911 calls!
  • You are so fierce boogeymen would be scared of you.
  • Master, teach me to snap selfies like you.

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Best Funny Comments For Instagram 

  • Your post includes a photo of your cat, and someone replies, “I bet he has an Instagram.”
  • “What’s up with the thumbs?”
  • “This is what I see when I close my eyes.” “I apologize for not being very funny.”
  • “You put a lot of effort into this caption, but you don’t want to say anything about yourself or where it was taken? How can we know if we’ll enjoy it?
  • Do you love hilarious Instagram posts? If so, you’re going to enjoy them!
  • Your post is simply awful.
  • “I bet she has an Instagram.”
  • This is what I see when my eyes are closed. I apologize for not being particularly witty.
  • What should you do if your post is not receiving any likes?
  • What’s with the thumbs? Your post is from Thursday.
  • Taking a photo of the sky.
  • Everyone, including you, can see the stars.
  • Money can’t purchase happiness.
  • The caption is the greatest part of your post.
  • When will I get my likes?
  • It’ll be humorous after this is all over, but for now, keep blogging!
  • If we were real-life friends, we would almost always like each other’s postings. Unfortunately, it will not happen.
  • There is a hotlink about Netflix and relaxation.
  • “It’s not that I don’t like you; it just may be too soon for me to get into a relationship.”
  • “I can’t believe it’s happening. My dearest buddy has relocated to live with their partner of five months!”
  • We’re so thrilled our fans are interested in what we share! It feels fantastic to know that someone appreciates our work. We hope that your next online stalking will result in

More Funny Comments For Instagram

  • Some individuals seem to be quite interested in social media these days, while others do not. Everyone has different opinions, and what works for one person may not work for another!
  • This is why, now more than ever, we must ensure that our alternatives are available to others so that they may see the type of life we live.
  • We’ve already discussed similar topics…People may argue that while you’re in bed with someone else, you should be thinking of them, but let’s be honest: when I got out of my relationship, I was still sleeping on my ex-girlfriend’s bedding. Are there any funny Instagram comments? Haha!”
  • “If I could accomplish anything, I’d like to post it here?!

Best Instagram Comments For Your Friends’ Pics

  • So, what are you waiting for? A good chuckle is the only thing that makes life worthwhile.”
  • Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy life!
  • Are you seeking for amusing Instagram comments that are also motivational?
  • We’ve got the ideal quotes for you.
  • I’m sorry, but my Instagram account is private, and I don’t accept requests.
  • Who are you to judge me?
  • “I love you too!”
  • “Keep being yourself; it’s a cool thing.” – A quote by one of my dearest friends.
  • The only bad selfie is one in which you aren’t having fun.
  • A good life isn’t easy.
  • Loving oneself is the beginning of a lifetime romance.
  • Thinking About Your Ex
  • I don’t care what you think of me, but don’t criticize my pals.
  • “Love thyself first, and everything else will follow!” -Marylin Monroe
  • The only bad selfie is one in which you aren’t having fun.
  • A good life isn’t easy.
  • Self-love is the most important thing in the world.
  • “Everything is more accessible when you’re not afraid to fall.”— Sylvia Plath
  • The only bad selfie is one in which you aren’t having fun.
  • A good life isn’t easy.
  • Self-love is the most important thing in the world.

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Final Thoughts

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you see a friend’s picture or a video on your Instagram? Let’s face it: we all enjoy commenting on quirky things in their pictures.

However, not everyone is well-equipped with amusing remarks to comment on friends’ Instagram photos, as this is how our social media friendships grow. Many people notice it, and who knows if it becomes popular? Hope this guide helps you make your comment-game strong!!

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