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Why Comments Are Important for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

If you are trying to widen your outreach on Instagram, you probably already know that you need to increase audience engagement on your business account. To achieve this end, Instagram users often invest in the organic growth of followers and likes. However, comments play an equally crucial role in stepping up your game on the platform, and it is worth your while to think about investing your attention in them. 

What Can Instagram Comments Do for You?

If likes and followers build audience traction, you must be wondering why one should pay attention to raising comments on one’s posts too. 

You must keep in mind comments play a crucial role in building your business presence on Instagram. Digital marketing is all about how you make your brand presence. Whether manual or automatic, comments have immense potential for business enhancement as they create engagement loops, thus keeping Instagram’s algorithms constantly ticking. They can help build real connections with your audience. 

Like with all other marketing strategies, it is essential to set your goals for comments to understand how this aspect of Instagram engagement affects your brand presence.

Here are some things that comment directly impact:

Your Authenticity as a Business

On a social media platform like Instagram, which has a large user base, comments show your potential and followers your reliability and genuineness. The number of comments your post receives shows your customers that your products are catching attention and inviting responses, queries and opinions. The responses you leave on these comments show your protocols for engaging with your customer. In other words, the comment section gives your potential leads and customers an overview of how you run your business and handle customer relations. 

Your Customer-Base

The audience who engages with your posts the most becomes visible to your potential followers. In other words, a curious or interested follower can gauge who your target audience is by checking who you receive most comments from. Instagram’s algorithms also use the metrics to determine your target audience demographics and bump your post into the visibility of users who are likely to match this target audience range. 

Your Popularity 

The number of comments your post receives pushes up your post’s visibility proportionally and makes it a trending post on Instagram’s algorithms. Teamed with other factors like the number of likes and the nature of the comments left on your post, tell your audience how famous your brand is and what your audience reach is like. This, in turn, attracts more organic engagement with your posts as they begin to appear in feeds of new audiences.  

How Humanized Your Brand Is 

Even if you choose to auto-respond, the conversations in your post’s comments give your viewers and potential clients a fair idea of what kind of brand you are. How you choose to customize your responses, your choice of words and tone in replying to different types of comments, and what triggers you use for the same can make your audience connect with you, leading to lead conversions and purchases from your business. If you choose your words carefully and respond to comments in a timely fashion, depending on what goal you are aiming for with your posts, you are sure to achieve a high positive turnover.

In short, Grow Your Instagram Comments to:

Build Your Image 

Positive image branding is not an easy task. Using comments, you can make existing and potential followers believe in your brand. Employ smart strategies that will encourage your visitors to leave comments on your posts. Encourage tagging other Instagram users in your comments for maximizing the post’s audience reach. 

Build Customer Relationships 

Engage with comments left on your posts. Cordial and friendly acknowledgments build your brand up visually. Brands that may have been on Instagram for long periods but with little audience engagement are usually ones that also have very few comments on their posts. Comments on a post are an indicator of your social availability. 

Build your Business Community 

Lead visitors into becoming your active followers. Lead Instagram followers into becoming your Business partners or Clients. Organic comments show that your brand is alive. Followers do not want or be part of a dead community, be it a redundant hashtag, group, or conversation. Keep conversations alive by commenting and bumping up your posts. You can bring back old posts into visibility, fresh comments on them, you can make topics and posts, trend, and grow traction by commenting. The possibilities are endless here. New comments like new followers and likes mean new engagement. This attracts more followers to your profile, besides showing how relevant your old posts still are. 

How to Ensure You Are Getting the Most from Your Instagram Comments:

1. Listen to Respond

Whether you employ the services of others or do it yourself, check comments for patterns of engagement. Are people asking for clarifications and details? Are the opinions of the comment? Are people tagging other users to bring their attention to your post? Look for what the conversation is leading to and take it from there. Tailor your responses, manual or automatic, according to what is being said to build real connections with real users over the platform. 

Remember comments are crucial for building the base for customer engagement and satisfaction. How you work with your comments can determine your brand’s approach to customer relations on social media. 

2.Plan with Customized Responses

Even if you do not use automatic replies, have a few stock responses ready for questions that can have generic answers. For instance, queries for your address location or where to look for more detailed information about your services can be given standard answers. Like a response to an appreciation, some other questions and comments can be given variants of a prepared answer. 

Remember to customize responses in keeping with the platform, especially if you have accounts on various social media websites. For instance, you can use links in a comment on Facebook, but links in an Instagram comment won’t work even if Instagram is now a sister site to Facebook and share several features and tools with the platform. 

3. Personalize Comments

Use hashtags or tag people in responses to make comments more personal. Let people who interact with your feed feel a sense of connection to your business, even if you are using automatic replies. This will improve the quality of your social engagement with existing and potential customers and build value for your brand. 

If you are using automatic comments, one way to personalize them is to randomize as many replies in your list so that most users who leave comments receive a unique response from you on their comments. 

4. Moderate your Comments Frequently

If you moderate your comments frequently, not only will you be able to respond to your engagement in real-time, you will also be able to keep unwanted comments in check. 

What Are Automatic Instagram Comments? 

The natural way of letting people discover you at their own pace takes time. A faster way is to invest in automatic Instagram comments.

Instagram automatic comments are pretty self-explanatory. You pay a service or use a tool for automatically written comments to be placed on a specific number of posts. There are several kinds of automated Instagram comments:

1. Automatic Instagram Comments on Your Posts

Some services offer you the option to choose the number of comments you want on each specified post. Comments push up the algorithms on an Instagram post and bring it more audience reach by boosting its visibility on user feeds. This makes automatic Instagram comments a popular investment choice for Instagram users who purchase audience engagement services for their profiles. If you choose to buy such comments, ensure you are getting organic/ real comments.

2. Automatic Instagram Comments by Your Profile on Posts by Others

Some services also give you the tools to publish automatic comments on your behalf on posts by select accounts. In most such cases, the comments are published randomly from a select list of customized messages that you provide the service with. Typically, these comments are placed when someone tags or mentions your profile on their post. The service is similar to auto-generated emails that are sent as acknowledgment responses for payments or tickets raised for customer queries. The purpose of using such comments is to show that you have not ignored the mention made. 

3. Automatic Responses to Instagram Comments

You can also use tools to set up automatic responses to comments by identifying certain triggers or phrases to respond to. This helps build customer relationships while saving time. Such reactions are mainly set up with the purpose of ensuring no comment on your post is ignored; hence auto-replies are popular with brands and businesses.

Businesses use automation Instagram tools because: 

  • It helps you keep your automated IG strategy versatile. 
  • It lets you build the impression of being a popular account as comments often are placed as soon as your post is up. 
  • It is a time-saving means to responding to everyone who comments on your posts.

While the above makes auto-comments seem a smart investment, you must remember, using bots also have its pitfalls. You have to be extremely cautious about how you set to use yours. Auto comments can fail your marketing purpose if:

  • The triggers for comments are ambiguous or unclear. For instance, you can end up apologizing for errors on an appreciation post if the triggers are not properly placed. 
  • Generic answers are overused. This can put off your existing followers and make them unfollow you. 
  • You get reported for spamming. There is a fine line between auto-responding and bot spamming. The former is desirable for growing your business, and the latter can ruin your online image completely. 
  • You use too many automated responses. This can trigger suspicion over your account activity and make Instagram suspend your account. Instagram has active policies that make use of undetectable Instagram automation hard for a user. 

As you can see, there are some serious risks involved in using automated tools. Hence, like all investments, you must be careful about setting up automatic Instagram comments as responses. Of course, all of this is about maintaining an intelligent business plan for growing your Instagram account and keeping your profile as organically engaged as possible.

If you use tools for auto-replies, ensure you have some strict and clear moderation system in place to minimize spamming and response mismatch. 

Of course, the best course of generating comments is to let them appear organically. 

Summing Up

Keep in mind, comments on your Instagram posts are more than only about acknowledgment. How you respond and keep the comment cycle functioning will go a long way in improving your brand’s customer engagement. Use the comment section in your favor to provide a better customer experience and customer service on the platform. You will soon notice an increase in your lead conversions and sales, in addition to seeing your Insta presence shaping up in the desired fashion!

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