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5 Top Customer Engagement Strategies You Have to Learn




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Are you trying to figure out the best way to get your customers to engage with you? Read this article to learn the best customer engagement strategies.

You can’t hide from your customers forever, not if you want to drive sales. The data is in, and surveys say that 84% of consumers value experiences just as much as products.

The bad news is that 54% of customers surveyed think businesses could do a better job of creating positive customer experiences. Worse yet, 60% think businesses are failing at customer engagement.

Where do you fit into all this?

You’re going to drive profits by ramping up your customer engagement strategies.

1. Remember That You’re Human

Does your marketing strategy come off as cold and impersonal? This approach will not make customers warm up to you. Worse yet, they may see you as unapproachable.

Building trust is a critical part of customer engagement strategies. You want consumers to trust you, not walk on eggshells.

Start with your tone. Use a warm, friendly, and inviting tone in all your marketing materials, from flyers to email blasts.

Your marketing tone should extend to customer service. Are your customer service agents and account managers warm and friendly? What about support staff?

Remember, you’re a human. Not an emotionless robot. Be kind to your customers.

2. Get Social

If you’re not on social media, now’s the time to get social. Customers see social media as a viable means of communication with business, just like phones and email.

Consistency is also crucial for social media engagement. You can’t just set up a page and log on once a month. You’ll be inundated with tweets, mentions, and tags.

Use a social media management tool to respond to tweets, DMs, tags, and reviews as soon as possible. This is especially important for Facebook reviews. Invest in a tool that lets you manage multiple social media pages from one single dashboard.

3. Use Multiple Marketing Channels

Customers want integrative and immersive experiences. You can’t deliver that with just one marketing channel. Instead, craft campaigns that leverage multiple platforms, from Facebook to email marketing.

You don’t need to over-complicate your campaigns. Start with a simple, powerful message that customers can connect with. Your challenge is to effectively communicate that message across multiple channels.

Insurance companies, like Progressive and Geico, do a great job of this. Look how they’ve mastered TV spots, YouTube, in-store displays, and digital ads with the same consistent messaging.

4. Reward Participation

You rely on incentives to encourage your employees to go the extra mile at work. Why not do the same for your customers? No customer will turn down a discount, sale, or free giveaway.

Incentives are like instant engagement. There’s also the “reward” aspect, which plays a significant role in marketing psychology.

5. Personalize the Customer Experience

This is the age of big data. Take advantage of it! Savvy business owners leverage consumer data to personalize customer experiences.

Amazon is a good example. When you log onto the website, you don’t see the regular Amazon homepage. You’re greeted with a page full of personalized results based on your preferences.

Start with analytics tools that collect and interpret data. These tools will help you create data-driven campaigns that target your best prospects.

Implement Customer Engagement Strategies that Work

Don’t let another valuable customer slip through the cracks. Craft customer engagement strategies that spark interest and action.

Are you feeling more confident about customer engagement? Check out the blog to discover even more information for business owners like you.

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