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The Value of Consistency in Social Media Marketing for Your Brand

One of the most influencing factors in social media promotion is the online presence of your brand. As the level of competition grows every day, it is very important to stay in the range of sight of your potential customers, as they can easily be retargeted to someone else, who acts more actively and gain […]

Seven Steps To Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2021

  Social media marketing is one of the versatile marketing platforms. There are many ups and downs in this platform. Some are good and gaining much through this and some are struggling for years. In life, everyone has to face the struggle but one time that struggle will be fruitful. Everywhere like whether it is […]

4 Tips For Optimising PPC And SEO Marketing Strategies

Every business has big goals, targets to hit, and opportunities to take advantage of. Implementing tailor-fit digital marketing strategies helps deliver expected results. The ultimate goal of digital marketing strategies is to drive greater return on investment (ROI) by boosting online presence.   Businesses can attain desired sales and marketing results through paid media, social channels, […]

Creative Marketing Strategies in Online Gaming that work

Online gaming is an industry that continues to divide opinions across the world. Despite the sensitivity around the online gambling industry, it continues to attain new heights while increasingly becoming competitive. The difference in gambling laws worldwide gives gambling operators must be creative to reach their potential customers without being on the law’s wrong side. […]

6 Best Digital Marketing Ideas for Fashion Brands to Increase Sales

With the change in marketing dynamics, many industries have shifted from traditional to digital means of marketing, including the fashion industry. Research conducted by Oberlo revealed that there would be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in the year 2020, and this number is expected to increase to 2.14 billion people by 2021. As the number of digital buyers grew, many fashion businesses, whether small […]

Five Most Important Factors in Digital Marketing

Five Most Important Factors in Digital Marketing The primary, final, and most critical objective of showcasing a company, benefit, or product is communicating viably together with your potential clients. With Indians generally investing 3 hours a day and 71 billion hours in total per month on social apps, portable phones, and the web have gotten […]

How To Spot Influencers With Fake Followers

How To Spot Influencers With Fake Followers When talking about influencers who have bought, or in any other way obtained fake followers, we refer to them as “fake influencers” while it is not true that the influencer itself is fake. The name is not perfect but as we have nothing else to use at this […]

The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

If you didn’t know, influencer marketing is a big deal today. At least it has become so in the last couple of years. And with all right. Most of all for brands who are providing a physical product to their audience, but also for service businesses. Let’s looks at some statistics that will help us […]

10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Promoting your Mobile App

10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Promoting your Mobile App Social Media emerged as a fascinating enigma and has now become the most sought-after platform for interaction. With the advent and popularity of mobile apps, it is enhancing further and becoming more powerful. Mobile apps are redefining eCommerce and other spheres and influencing lives globally. […]

5 Tips to take Advantage of Influencers to Grow your Cannabis Business

5 Tips to take advantage of influencers to grow your cannabis business  No wonder, with the world embracing the GREEN market, the expectation that the industry would grow by $4 billion in the coming years is never paradoxical. With that said, the competition in peddle, is also at a great range. Cannabis businesses, either big […]

Why Experiential Marketing Has An Edge Over Traditional Marketing

With a wide range of brands available in the market, there are only a few who hold your attention. Have you ever thought about why some brands gain immense exposure and develop a huge fan base? whereas some lack behind in the race, even after investing lumps of capital? It entirely depends on the effectiveness […]

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing

As a marketer, it’s important to stay updated with the changes in the market, to be able to quickly adapt new trends and stay on top of it. One of the marketing trends that have emerged in the last couple of years, in particular as social media has exploded, is influencer marketing. If you are […]

Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Have To Stop Making

Modern businesses these days do understand how important social media is. Due to this, they spend a lot of money on social media marketing campaigns that could potentially deliver results when thinking about customer service improvements, sales, and leads. Unfortunately, simply launching a social media campaign is never enough. Just as with link building, most […]

Four Reasons to Work with Micro-Influencers

Have you heard the term micro-influencers more and more over the years? Have you started using influencer marketing in your marketing campaigns but are now curious in working more with micro-influencers? What characterizes micro Influencers is that they do not have as huge of a following and audience as regular influencers, but what they do have […]

How to Boost Your Product Launch With Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to minimize the risk of failure for your product launch? Want to make a big splash with your new product upon release? When launching a new product, getting traction is hard. People tend to be cautious with things they don’t trust, and a product that has just hit the market? Trust takes […]

Insight on Marketing and Growth Principles to Adopt

Growth in marketing is a skill that requires constant cultivation. Any person who wants to succeed in business must be creative with compelling interactive strategies to meet the needs of his or her clients. Many individuals fail in their marketing strategies because their practices are not sustainable. A good approach not only focuses on converting […]

5 Crucial Tips for Effective Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has shown marketers that it’s a marketing strategy that can generate tremendous results – if executed correctly. If you learn how to use it properly it can prove to provide laser targeted marketing to reach the people who are truly relevant to your brand. And that is the punchline: influencer marketing is a […]

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Influencer Marketing

Before we go into more detail about this topic, I thought I’d share some influencer marketing statistics to show how powerful it really is for brands. It’s easy to preach about how good something is, but nothing speaks as clearly as statistics. Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. (TapInfluence study […]

Marketing Through The Video Games Market Will Be The Next Big Thing

Marketing Through The Video Games Market Will Be The Next Big Thing Social media has always been the king of modern digital marketing, but the mediums through which this is achieved are constantly shifting. Most recently, streaming has come to the fore as a premier marketing tool; in October, the biggest marketers of all – […]