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5 Tips to take Advantage of Influencers to Grow your Cannabis Business

5 Tips to take advantage of influencers to grow your cannabis business 

No wonder, with the world embracing the GREEN market, the expectation that the industry would grow by $4 billion in the coming years is never paradoxical. With that said, the competition in peddle, is also at a great range. Cannabis businesses, either big or small, should look for selling points and ways to stand out from the others. Cannabidiol (CBD) products, not only for humans but also for pets, might require a unique way to transcend with selling typical oil.

It is essential to remember that marketing cannabis products aren’t as easy as promoting a regular clothing or perfume line. While such industries can easily convey their selling messages through variation of media platforms, this is not the case with CBD marketing. Federal regulations and rules are challenging the industry from effectively reaching out to the market. In reaching target audiences, there a limited approach is available. Thus, for aspiring cannabis trendsetters, expect an overwhelming and tough road to take.

Subsequently, the word “credibility” and “trustworthy” are few of the words that consumers are looking for with cannabis advertisements. This all leads to the thought that while cannabis companies are situated in a strict tenet, the chances of getting trusted by the audience cannot be easily assumed. A recent survey delineated how online reviews are much trusted by buyers compared to different brand marketing.

Now, the question is, how can a cannabis business grow while remaining to be compliant with the marketing standards? Influencer marketing enters the scene with a direct, and positive way of getting in front of people without the need to break the green axioms.

The Basics of Cannabis Influencer Marketing

With product launches, especially that you are trailing the ‘cannabis way’, risks are surely on the road. However, to keep you in the light, there is still an effective marketing way to create a big splash in promoting your new CBD product. Through the so-called influencer marketing, gaining the trust of your target audience won’t surely be a Twelfth of Never. The “influencers” can help you big time through an established level of trust that can have a significant effect on consumers’ purchasing decisions. To say at least, they already earn avid supporters and fans that can be easily be wooed to divert in influencer’s personal palate.

Influencer marketing gives a good platform in promoting cannabis brands to a much wider audience. As mentioned earlier, trust is an issue when it comes to introducing hemp-derived products to people. But, with influencers coming along the scene, it won’t be a problem. Studies made in the line of marketing explained how influencers produced relatively higher engagement rates weighed against paid media strategies. People are found to listen more not with ads solely, but with those people, they look up to. These influencers, aside from video promotions, could tout your CBD products in many ways they can.

For instance, in the social media setting, influencers are hired by different companies just to engage with potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. With that said, cannabis companies might not need to spend too much just to get on the social track. They should understand beforehand that promoting in social media and such accounts is highly critical as to any other form of advertising. Thus, if a business isn’t still on the internet game, one may be missing a lot.

The only challenge here in this type of marketing is the need to identify and partner with the right influencers that can effectively justify your marketing campaigns. Even with partnering to influencer agencies, a wide contacts of amazing and popular influencers could be necessary. Given the restrictions, the risks on the part of the business owners and the influencers is high. One wrong snap and accounts could be deleted and the selling message would be ineffective. And so, there’s a great need to conduct the best search of the ideal influencer that wouldn’t just promote the business but won’t also get you in legal and financial trouble.

Growing Cannabis Business: Tips on Influencer Marketing

With the ability of influencer marketing to drive more sales than traditional marketing, one can see how businesses including those selling cannabis, are embracing this approach. While it’s easy to find a persona millions of followers on Instagram or Facebook, you should understand that with cannabis as your brand, hiring one that would be an easy task. You might need to head over these tips first to know how to do a great, right move with influencer marketing.

Pinpoint your marketing goals.

Any kind of advertising would need a plan – a great plan – to work out. And so, you must know the track that you wanted to reach. Understand that you are promoting a distinctive product. Ponder and visualize why collaborating with influencers can help you achieve more.

Select the right cannabis influencers.

It is important to know that over a billion of people are using Instagram which means that it’s also a home to amazing influencers. But, likes and followers isn’t the deal when it comes to measuring business results. Right influencers have the right audience to put your cannabis brand in the limelight. Make time to choose someone who can easily turn fans to customers.

Avoid fake accounts.

You can gain followers or likes in a minute. At cannabis industry, every dollar is important. And so, make sure you are not putting great investments to influencer with millions of followers but owns a fake account.

Talk personally with your chosen influencer.

You have to understand that you should do the first move when trying to approach an influencer. To make them understand your marketing goal, talk to them. Give them the visualization of how you wanted your cannabis brand reflect to people. Assure that the influencer has the interest to promoting your products.

Assess results.

Did using an influencer improved your brand awareness? Every marketing campaigns you’ll have, evaluate if the influencer created impact to your results. With this assessment, you should know how to place and improve your marketing campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.  

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