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Why Experiential Marketing Has An Edge Over Traditional Marketing

With a wide range of brands available in the market, there are only a few who hold your attention. Have you ever thought about why some brands gain immense exposure and develop a huge fan base? whereas some lack behind in the race, even after investing lumps of capital? It entirely depends on the effectiveness of your brand activation marketing strategy. If your brand is marketed and placed effectively in the strategic marketing dynamics it is sure to generate more revenue with a wider reach.

Everyone is well aware of brands like Pepsi, Coca-cola & Thumbs-up, all are different brands from the same segment, that have unique images in the minds of customers. They are the brands from the same league that has well established themselves with different brand activation marketing strategies.

Marketing a brand or a product is a crucial step in the brand lifecycle. Brand activation marketing can make or break the brand since the beginning. A brand that follows a unique approach and implements it with a well-planned strategy is likely to be in the top charts, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the brand.

The time has changed and so does the marketing techniques. As we stepped in the era of digitalization, marketers started opting for experiential technology marketing to stay ahead of competitors. A large number of event activation agencies started offering digital activation solutions that are quite different from traditional forms of marketing.

In earlier times traditional ways of brand activation marketing have helped various brands mark their presence in the market, which was taken over by experiential technology marketing in the current scenario.

Brand Activation Marketing

brand activation marketing
Let’s understand both brand activation marketing methods first:

1. Traditional marketing

In earlier times, brand activation strategy is generally using for advertising the product or brand on television, radio and advertising it through offline mediums like flyers and billboards. It conveys the brand message to the customers. Measuring the effectiveness of the brand message, whether it reached the target audience or not, is not possible in traditional marketing as it enables one-way communication.

Traditional marketing techniques help the brand to establish itself in the marketing, but when it comes to building an emotional connect with the customers, traditional marketing techniques lack behind. In traditional marketing, your brand message is likely to be lost in the clutter of advertisements as a lot of commercials run on television at particular time fame.

2. Experiential technology marketing

In the current scenario, brand activation marketing campaigns that use digital activation solutions are likely to leverage. It helps in building an emotional connection between the brand and the customer while enabling two-way communication. Experiential technology marketing makes the customer believe in the product while engaging then interactively throughout the process. It helps in attracting more customers which were earlier not the part of the brand family. The loyal customers of the brand then act as influencers, thereby giving recommendations or influencing the people they know about the particular brand.

Experiential Technology Marketing

Experiential technology marketing
Here are a few reasons that denote experiential technology marketing has an edge over  traditional marketing:

1. Psychological factor

It has been proved by now, that marketers are likely to benefit from experiential technology marketing. It evokes a sense of fun while engaging customers interactively.  Traditional brand activation marketing only focuses on marketing a product and its benefits. Whereas engaging customers with the brand, thereby delivering excellent brand experiences is done by experiential technology marketing.

Brands that use digital activation solutions for their marketing campaigns are likely to benefit thereby creating an enjoyable sensory experience. When compared to experiential marketing better than traditional methods easily embed your brand into the consumer’s mind.

2. It helps in engaging customers interactively

A brand that can engage customers with its campaigns stays in the mind of the customers, which results in generating better sales leads.  A recent survey reports that a large percentage of the audience is likely to repurchase a product after experiencing it at an event. Experiential technology marketing helps brands to engage and interact with customers through brand events. It allows brands and customers to interact with each other directly.

Nowadays brand activation agencies started offering digital activation solutions, that educate the audience about the product or service along with delivering the brand message. Customer engagement plays a major role in convincing customers to experience the product or brand. It may later convert into brand loyalty as emotional connect has been built by that time. Experiential technology marketing makes customers believe in the brand by building a customer-brand relationship.

3. Digital activation solutions are an updated way of branding

In the current era of digitalization, experiential technology is an updated technique for branding. It is highly effective in attracting and engaging a wider segment of the audience. It helps in delivering overwhelming experiences to the attendees at the brand event, thereby leveraging the brand. A large percentage of the audience present at the brand event helps in marketing a brand by sharing experiences with friends and family.

A positive word of mouth is a highly effective tool that helps any brand to establish itself in strategic marketing dynamics. Digital activation solutions help in delivering better brand experiences when compared to traditional methods of branding.

4. Experiential marketing is trending over traditional marketing

Today’s customer’s like brands that communicate with their customers rather than just having a one-way communication. The customer feels valued when they are considered as a part of the brand. Experiential marketing helps in advertising and marketing a brand while connecting with the potential target audience. It evokes a sense of trust among customers.

5. Live Streaming

With the increased use of internet networks, a large number of users are easily found on streaming services like Netflix, youtube, Hotstar, etc. when compared to television. It allows the brand to have consumer attention while webinar live streaming for business and marketing a brand. But it can prove to be non-beneficial if people block the adverts by installing ad blockers. Event activation agencies should come up with effective digital activation solutions and strategies to reach the target audience through live streaming.

Experiential technology marketing has been flourishing in the recent era helping many brands to leverage. It won’t be wrong to say that digital activation solutions companies have completely taken over traditional methods of marketing.

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