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Should You Always Follow Marketing Trends?

Should You Always Follow Marketing Trends?

There are a lot of marketing trends that help business owners to sell their products and services. With such a big number of trends, you may get lost. What to follow and what to skip to focus on what is really important? Marketing trends are a great tool to keep up with your customers’ needs. You can learn how your customers shop, watch their behavior, understand their priorities,

Here we decided to review some popular trends and tell you what is really working and worth your time and what trends are best to avoid. Together with our marketing experts, we will help you to prioritize to get the best results.  

  • Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing or content is all about making your customers feel related to your organization, be it a service for students like EssayShark, or a huge tech corporation. It includes offering personalized outreach and support, making an impact on your customers’ perception of the company, and influencing their decisions. It seems like a good idea since such a personalized approach should definitely satisfy your clients and make their decisions positive. However, this trend has negative sides. The statistic shows that about 72% of marketers don’t have an idea of how to apply this strategy correctly.

Even though for a big number of companies, personalized emails increased sells by 20% back in 2015, this trend is often used in the wrong way. For example, knowing too much about your customer and using this information to prove your customer how much you care can be a turn-off. Nearly 70% of smartphone users don’t like the idea that advertisers keep track of their activity online while almost 85% of users think that targeted ads are way too haunting. A lot of companies dig for information without consumers’ consent which is wrong and inappropriate. Such numbers prove that personalized marketing fails rather than brings good results.

  • Free Posts on Facebook

Advertising your content, services, and products on Facebook seems like a great idea. You can create a business page and post articles and adverts to share information about what you sell and offer. It should make you wonder how such an option that is free can bring you thousands of customers. The truth is that Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of business’ posts over the last few years. Let’s say is you have 1000 followers, only 20 will see your posts. How?

This trend isn’t reliable because someone has to interact with your posts so others see it. If you can’t make customers engage with your content, then all your efforts are in vain. It requires at least a small budget to create a working ad that will target a certain audience and bring results. It’s recommended to use sponsored ads and posts that are visible for everyone.

  • Influencer Marketing

If you want to spread information about your company and tell people how good it is, then you may want to use influencer marketing trend. It works this way: a big and respected company says that your service or product is great. As a result, customers trust what a company with a big name says and get interested in your product or service. It brings attention and makes people trust your organization automatically. But it’s not that easy as it seems.

Influencer marketing

It takes a lot to find an authentic and relevant influencer marketing campaign to make a good ad for your product or service. Crisps or fizzy drinks companies often invite celebrities to advertise their products. It usually looks creepy. Do you really think that a football player eats crisps with bacon flavor in front of the TV?

We don’t think so. This is just one example of how influencer marketing trend works against the product. Nowadays, it’s very common for celebrities to share some organizations or products on their Twitter feeds but you should agree that it doesn’t look realistic. It’s easy to choose a wrong influencer so if you don’t have a big budget and don’t really understand who should advertise your service or product, then save your money and energy.

Unlike the above-mentioned marketing trends, publishing blogs, creating unique content, and using paid content-related ads still work excellent. The bigger percentage of customers (70%) say that they prefer to learn about products or services using traditional ads before making a decision to buy something. Video content is another highly-effective way to advertise your products and services. Don’t forget about social media but don’t use it for free because it will take you a really long time to spread information about your business.


It’s obvious that you want to try all the marketing trends to push your product or service. You want to be the first one to deliver your potential clients what they are looking for on the Internet. However, using all possible trends without really understanding how to use them smartly, you can create a wrong impression of your company and lose your customers. We don’t think you want to lose satisfied clients who you have been working with for the last few years.

If you like to experiment and try new marketing trends, then you should invite professional and experienced marketers who would consult you on how different trends work and how you can apply them for your business. Remember that using trends requires a lot of money so if you want to get benefits only, then you need a team of talented marketers with strategic thinking.

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