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4 Ways Brands can Benefit From Live streaming

4 Ways Brands can Benefit From Live streaming

Live streaming have many advantages so there’s no question why it has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. The launch of Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Twitter Live are just some examples on platforms that you can stream live videos to your followers on.

Now, there’s “two types” of live video. The first kind is live video in the form of private video conferences. These can be held privately for a specific group of people – for example you and your employees. Then there’s the publicly open social media live streamings that can be done in a variety of different platforms online.

The purpose with those are to increase brand awareness, build trust and generate sales. In this article, we’ll be bringing up both of these.

Benefits of live video

Now, you might be wondering what the benefits of using live video are and before we go more into detail, let me tell you that they are many.

1. Live video helps build your audience. By broadcasting interesting live videos, you can attract a new audience that otherwise wouldn’t have watched your content. If your live video is interesting and captivating, word-to mouth spread is common when broadcasting a live video.

2. It’s a cheap way of marketing your brand. Live streaming events that your brand arranges is an extraordinary and engaging way of building brand awareness while increasing the interest of your business.

3. It can save a ton of money. Live streaming can save your business a ton of money and many brands have realized just that and implemented it into the way they are working.  Some are using live streaming to give an online course in order to educate their employees, hold conferences and much more.

By using live video to hold educating meetings, conferences and webinars , you are not only saving money in the sense of  educating your staff at the same time, you are also saving money in one other way. Just think about all the money you might have been forced to pay for transportation, lodging and food etc for the group

4. It saves time. Live video is the king of time efficiency. A normal time expense for people is the time it takes to commute to work. If meetings, seminars and courses are being hold through live video, you’ll be shocked of how much more time you’ll have on your hands, meaning you can get more work done.

There is more

There are more benefits of live streaming than those above

Live streaming a launch of a new product or an event of yours is super effective to give behind the scenes insights of what your brand is up to. It also gives a feel of exclusivity while informing those watching what your brand is all about.

Thanks to the fact that it’s super easy to go live on most social media platforms, you can do it anywhere anytime! Just make sure you have something appealing and interesting to share with your audience.


Live video can help your brand save time and money. It can also work as an effective marketing tool where you show your true character to your audience. Answer questions personally on live video and ask questions. You can be sure to gain valuable results from it!

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