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10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Promoting your Mobile App

10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Promoting your Mobile App

Social Media emerged as a fascinating enigma and has now become the most sought-after platform for interaction. With the advent and popularity of mobile apps, it is enhancing further and becoming more powerful.

Mobile apps are redefining eCommerce and other spheres and influencing lives globally. With billions of mobile phone users in the world and millions of apps on the app stores, mobile apps are shaping the functioning of our daily activities.

The combined power of both apps and Social Media is turning more amusing, thereby unlocking many opportunities each day. The different platforms are evolving themselves to cater to the needs of various audiences.

WooCommerce mobile app builder tools that come with Social Media integration feature, have made the task simpler.  However, just building an app for your store is not enough. You should also have a smart post-launch strategy to ensure a good number of downloads.

Social Media can play a significant role in enhancing your app ranking and visibility. 73% of online marketers agree that social media marketing has been effective for their business growth. Read and discover, the best Social Media Marketing strategies that can boost the reach and success of your app. 

Top ten smart strategies for absolute success 

Social Media Marketing, when practiced well, can highly benefit your brand and increase your revenue. It can also help in boosting the rank, reach and visibility of your mobile app. All you need is to get the correct guidance and learn the industry tricks.

Follow the tips discussed below and add more value to your Social Media Marketing plan:

1) Carry out research:

Research is important for any business to save time and resources. Identify your marketing goals, determine your scope, learn about the likes and dislikes of your target audience and also fathom your budget. Ideate your strategies considering all the important factors. Learn from your competitors but do not copy. 

2) Adapt to the platform:

The different Social Media platforms have different tools and offerings for individuals and businesses. While strategizing your campaign, it is important for you to know about the intricacies of each platform separately. It will help you in adapting to that tool and making the best of its resources.

Although, almost all of the platforms are modifying themselves to incorporate various facilities, but each one has its own charm. Few suggestive techniques for the most common platforms have been discussed below: 

  • Facebook: It encourages community building and is, therefore, a great option to expand your consumer base. Share stories and run campaigns through your pages. Make use of all the elements (text, images, videos and more) to connect with the audience.

  • Instagram: To make the most of this platform, you need to craft content that is informal and aesthetically appealing. Design captivating images and interactive campaigns. Carve your own niche with a defining brand theme and boost your image by capturing your viewers’ minds.

  • Twitter: It is best for the people who believe less is more. Brands have recently realized the magic of this platform that allows you to tell your tale in fewer words. Create polls and align your content with trending topics to attract the attention of Twitteratis.

  • Others: There are many other popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Linked In and more. Understand the definite language of each platform and implement your learnings in your approach. Think about what can work best for your brand and proceed.

3) Promote cross-platform:

This unique feature of social media helps you in enjoying the benefits of all the platforms at one time. You can interlink different platforms to amalgamate the content and user base. You can also create a content or campaign for one platform and promote it across others. 

4) Plan creative campaigns:

If you are working independently, put your creative skills to work. Else, hire executives who can bring creativity to the table. As you proceed to design campaigns for your products, brand or app promotion, ensure that the approach and the elements are creative enough to capture your users’ attention and can compel them to take the desired action. 

5) Create interactive content:

Make your content engaging and interact directly with the users. Make them a part of your campaign and encourage them to create or promote content for you. You can also ask your customers to post photos with your product. This will encourage their peers to try your brand and eventually lead to conversions. 

6) Focus on virality:

Align your content according to the on-going trends as it hooks your consumers the most. Use relevant keywords and hashtags and curate content that has the potential to go viral. It should also have a hidden call to action and motivate people to share it. Be unique and think out of the box to achieve this dynamic. 

7) Customise the attention:

People use Social Media to get attention and find comfort and solace in the virtual world. By offering personalized attention, you can make your followers fall in love with you. Customize the advertisements, posts, messages and comments for your targeted audience. Also, try to address every feedback, review, rating, reaction and reply personally. 

8) Incentivize for referrals:

People are more likely to trust a brand if genuine customers talk about it and praise it. Utilize this potential by turning your loyal customers into brand advocates. Organize campaigns where you reward your existing consumers for sharing your posts and referring your brand in their circle. This will garner publicity and help you build a trustworthy bond with your customers. 

9) Engage influencers:

Surveys show that companies across the globe are making $6.50 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing. Even heavyweights and big movie stars are applying this strategy as people trust their favourite influencers. You can also reach out to influencers who have a huge list of active followers on Social Media. Engage them to talk about you, your brand, your products and discuss how it has impacted their lives. 

10) Analyze the feedback:

Analyzing your performance is as crucial as taking necessary actions. One of the biggest advantages of Social Media is that it helps getting immediate feedback for your campaigns. Study your development and growth metrics, use social media analytical tools and other options to get statistical measure of your performance. Analyze the available data to set new business goals.  

Claim your territory now 

As we are reaching towards the culmination of this insightful journey, we hope that you might have learned the ropes and are ready to venture out. Now that you aware of the benefits of Social Media Marketing and the various aspects related to it, it is time to make the most of this platform.

Before you proceed to convert your website into an app with a tool like AppMySite, lay out your strategic plan and then take the leap. Make use of the Social Media integration feature that comes in handy with the app builder.

Moving ahead with a strong Social Media strategy will help you fetch the initial downloads and also popularize your app among the masses. Implement the steps discussed above and secure a successful launch of your app.

Smartly harness the potential of the resources at your disposal, and ensure higher ROI (Return on Investment). Act now and gain an edge over your competitors. Go ahead and make your claim to success.

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