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Five Reasons Why your Website is Not Getting Organic Traffic

Five reasons why your website is not getting organic traffic

One of the most common dilemmas bloggers are faced with is plenty of content but a scarcity of organic traffic. Although having ample content is a prerequisite for thriving organic traffic, but it is not the only parameter that matters.

SEO specialists take into account several factors that help them secure a good ranking for their website. If you are creating content frequently and are still not able to get traffic, there might be a number of reasons behind it. Here are five of the most likely ones:

Your website is not user-friendly

When we talk about a site being user-friendly, there are a number of factors that play a role in it. A user-friendly website entails a mobile-friendly layout. People are using smartphones more than ever. Therefore, the probability is that a lot of the consumer base is using their phones to visit your website. If your site is not mobile-friendly, your consumers will automatically be narrowed down.

Moreover, the design of the website needs to be appealing and simple at the same time. Complicated designs would make your viewer’s experience very unpleasant.

You do not have backlinks on your website

Although there have been cases where sites have successfully thrived without backlinks, you need to have at least a few good backlinks for your website. Backlinks from a site that has authority in Google or other search engines make your site seem trustworthy. It also provides a channel for organic traffic. Most importantly, Google credits websites for backlinks. You can get in touch with SEO Agencies for further insight.

Your website speed isn’t up to standard

With automation and advanced technology seeping in every task otherwise done manually, time has become all the more precious. Websites with slow load times annoy their viewers and compel them to leave it without waiting for it to load completely. Understand that your viewer’s time is as valuable as yours. Do not let the slow load time get in your way of gaining a potential customer/viewer. Also, Google has previously released an algorithm update that ranks faster loading websites higher on results pages – leading to more organic traffic. 

You are harboring broken links 

When it comes to search engine optimization, broken links are frowned upon. A good website is well-maintained, which means that it goes through auditing every now and then. Website audits tell if a link on the website is broken. Removing broken links on the website is crucial as it downplays with a website’s overall SEO score.

A poorly executed SEO strategy

One of the deal-breakers in terms of driving organic traffic is a poor SEO strategy. Some people focus on keywords so much that they end up stuffing their content with it. A fair distribution of keywords is critical, and websites are down-marked for keyword stuffing. Further, internal and external linking, content, images, and a lot of other things need to be adequately planned. If you’re not knowledgeable in the SEO field, you can always look for an SEO agency to create and execute an effective strategy.

To sum up, driving organic traffic on a website takes time. It is worth the wait if you are focusing your efforts in the right place.

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