Thursday, July 18

You Can Now Send Links on Instagram Direct Message

You Can Now Send Links on Instagram Direct Message

Instagram just announced a small, yet very sought-after update of the platform’s messaging service Direct Message.

For the second time in Instagram’s history, its users are now able to send clickable links on Instagram DM. The only place where users previously could share clickable links on the platform was in the profile bio.

The limiting of clickable links is meant to crack down on spam and prevent the platform from becoming a spamming platform. Instagram wants its platform to be pleasant and don’t contain spam that harms the experience on the app.

However, now, Instagram lets you send links that are clickable. Phone numbers and addresses are now clickable in Direct Message as well.

Another update of the private messaging service is the support of portrait and landscape photos. Before the update, Direct Message only supported one size of an image, and therefore, most of the time, the images you sent would be cropped off in a very weird way.

Now, all photos will be sent in their proper format so that they can be displayed correctly.

The new features are available both for Android and IOS. Just make sure you have the latest version of the app.

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