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What Is Instagram Direct Message?

What Is Instagram Direct Message?

Instagram Direct Messages – also known as DM,  is a feature that was released by Instagram in December 2013. The direct message feature allows you to send a photo to 1-15 people privately instead of all of your followers seeing it.

Before it was released people was forced to communicate through the comment sections and there was very little privacy since anyone could see a conversation between people. This resulted in many people taking their conversations to other platforms such as Whatsapp or KIK.

Why Direct Message?

What Is Instagram Direct Message?
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Instagram prefer its users to stay on Instagram and not use other apps to complement what was missing on Instagram and therefore the introducing of Instagram Direct Messages.

DM allows you to delete messages you have sent if you ever change your mind about what you have written and some may say this feature is a rip-off from Snapchat due to its similarity but we can only assume…

You can either have a private discussion with 1 person on DM but you also have the ability to create and be invited to joining DM groups that can hold up to 15 people.

This feature is very good if you are planning a party between friends or are discussing how you all can help each other grow on Instagram.

One thing is for sure, with the introducing of DM´s, Instagram made it easier to communicate with other people, undisturbed.

If you are the creator of a DM group, you can add and kick people as you like and if you are only invited to a group and not the admin, you can only invite people.

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