Can You Delete Direct Messages on Instagram?

Sometimes, you might send something by accident that you weren’t supposed to send. This can happen on text, on Instagram, and any other place where you can communicate with people. Of course, sending something to someone that you wasn’t supposed to send is not something you dream of doing, since, if sending the wrong things, you might find yourself in trouble, or at least in an awkward situation.

And sometimes, you might find that some people send you messages that you have no interest in receiving on Instagram. This can be Direct Messages from spammers and other accounts that you don’t want to hear from. Also, it might be the case that some of your peers have sent you something, but now, you want to delete Direct Messages on Instagram for some reason.

There are two ”ways” of deleting Instagram Direct Messages, but there are also a few other ways to delete Direct Messages on Instagram. The first is do delete Instagram Direct Messages and the other method is to unsent Instagram Direct Messages. In this article, I’ll go through them all.

Can You Delete Direct Messages on Instagram?

The short answer: YES. and here’s how you do it.

How to delete Instagram Direct Messages that you’ve sent to someone

If you want to delete Instagram Direct messages that you’ve sent to someone, there’s one ”main” way to do so. This approach allows you to delete individual messages that you’ve sent one-by-one. You can delete as many messages as you want using the following method:

  1. Go to your Instagram Direct Messages
  2. Tap the conversation where the message you would like to delete is
  3. Tap and hold on the message you’ve sent
  4. You will find 3 options. Copy, Paste or unsend.
  5. Tap “unsend”
  6. Your message has now disappeared from the recipient’s chat as well as your own.

When doing this, the message disappears for both you and the recipient, and this is great news if you ever regret something you’ve written and want to have the opportunity to take it back.

Method 2 to delete Direct Messages on Instagram

The second way to delete Direct Messages on Instagram is to go to your DM inbox and find the conversation history you wish to delete.

Now, swipe left on the conversation when in your DM inbox on the conversation that you wish to delete. Now, select Delete.

This method will remove the whole conversation history, and if you are to message them again, the conversation will start from scratch. Have in mind, though, that doing this will only delete the history for you. The other person can still see all the messages that you’ve sent to each other previously.

Remember that once you use any of these methods to delete Direct Messages on Instagram, there’s no way to get them back.

Method 2 to delete Direct Messages on Instagram

If you wish to delete all the messages of the conversation from both persons’ accounts, you can do so, and the way you do that is by blocking the other person. When you block them, none of you will be able to see the Direct Messages that you’ve sent each other.

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  • Elle

    How did one of my followers on Instagram deleted our messages for both sides? They didnt block me because they are still following me and I’m following!

    • Jens Wirdenius

      That sounds strange!
      You are only able to delete your own messages within the DM function.
      Has the whole chat disappeared or have only some messages disappeared?

  • Dan

    If you send a direct message on Instagram and then delete your account, does the message you sent to that person get deleted as well.


    • Jens Wirdenius

      Hi Dan,
      Yes, everything connected to your Instagram account disappears when you delete your account. Including DMs.


  • Veronica

    Hi , I sent a message to someone that I don’t even follow . Regret sending it so I blocked them but read on internet that they would still see the DM even , So I temporarily disable my account . Are you saying if I just keep them blocked they won’t be able to view the DM ?

    • Jens Wirdenius

      Hi Veronica,
      Yes, if you block someone on Instagram, they won’t be able to read your Direct Messages.

      Hope it helps!

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