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How to Attract More Traffic to Your Site by Writing Articles

How to Attract More Traffic to Your Site by Writing Articles

If you’re trying to find a way to bring targeted traffic to your website and increase sales for your business, then writing articles is the way to go. This method can, not only boost your site in the search engines and increase the number of visitors to your site, but can also double, and even triple your income. 

A major benefit of writing articles is that it can generate traffic and increase your business visibility. Writing articles related to your website and submitting them to article submission sites do two major things to your website:

1.Your article on the article submission site contains a link in the authors’ resource box, leading them back to your own website. After readers have read your articles, their attention should be directed to your authors’ resource box. This is called a back-link.

2. As more and more of your published articles increase, becoming visible on a variety of websites, the total number of links to your site also increases. The more incoming links a website has; the more significance major search engines place on that site. In the search engines’ eyes, incoming links to websites help to decide the weight and authority of a certain site. By writing articles, you increase the number of links to your site, thereby increasing the position of your website in the search results. 

3.Knowing the word count is important because it allows the writer to monitor the number of words that they are writing. It will give them an idea if they are still short or if they have already met the target word count.

4. After they have read your articles, you are now seen as an expert in your field. Now people are more likely to trust your business because you have positioned yourself as the authority in your particular niche. For this reason, they are more willing to buy than just simply browse through your site. 

5. Here’s something else to think about, every time you publish new content with your primary keywords included, your website becomes more popular. Search engines like to reward websites with a higher ranking when they consistently add new content. So when a person is searching for one of your topics, their search results may, not only have your site on page one but may even show your articles on the same page. This is a great way to get seen on the internet.

6. In order to get more website traffic through articles, promote it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can share the link of your article on your Facebook page, related groups, Twitter account, and on Instagram bio and story. Share a related post on your Instagram page and mention that read this article by clicking the link in bio.

7. Writing articles is a great way to attract more potential customers. However, when writing articles, you should never promote your own products or services. Instead, they should communicate your industry expertise. You need to educate your potential customers about how to solve problems they may be facing and important industry issues they must know.

Getting your site found on the internet is less complicated if you are writing articles to educate, increase your links and bring more traffic to your site, making your business easily reached for visitors searching the internet.

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