Monday, June 24

4 Internet Marketing Techniques for Less than $30

If you’re like most people today, you are feeling the pinch from the weakened state of the economy. However, regardless if you own a blog, website or e-commerce store and assuming that you are interested in making some money via the web, you simply must spend some money on internet marketing. This doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank by spending a small fortune. You can be very frugal in your internet marketing efforts as there are inexpensive techniques you can use which cost under $30 a month. 

Press Release

A well-written press release is a good way to spread the news about your site. A press release is simply an announcement of sorts which is related to your website and which is written for the media. You can hire a freelance writer with experience in writing professional press releases to write your press release for you.

You could easily find a writer online who will write you a 500 word or so press release for around $20 to $25. You then can submit it to PR websites. The search engines look favorably upon press release sites which means that your keyword-rich, well-written press release will be indexed quickly, giving your website or blog a nice temporary boost. 

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another proven tool. Millions of internet users are using social bookmarking sites to store, organize and manage websites that interest them on public bookmarking sites instead of storing it on their computers. When you bookmark your sites with social bookmarking sites, you will automatically obtain access to potentially large numbers of people which visits sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg. Social bookmarking can be a very time-consuming task.

You have to create accounts at each site before manually submitting your page to them. This is a good reason to use a service like Social Maximizer as the social bookmarking will be done for you. 100 submissions would cost you less than $20. 


Another option is blogging. You can blog your way to the top as blogging is a highly effective method to use for achieving high search engine rankings. Use one of the free blogging platforms and then buy an inexpensive domain to park it at. WordPress is a top choice as it features plug-ins which automate many of the processes and which integrates pinging to drive traffic to your blog. The trick with blogging is to do it regularly and to choose your tags carefully. The content must be deemed useful and informational for readers. If you become lucky with your blog an owner of a high ranking website or blog will link to you, giving you a nice source of highly targeted traffic. 

Social media marketing:

Finally, do not overlook social media marketing to promote your blog, e-commerce store or website. Leverage these social platforms and get high streams of conversions through them. There are many ways in which you can generate effective social media results. One important aspect is building your audience and increasing your engagement. You can buy Instagram likes to increase your post engagement and take your social media marketing to the next level. 

Tightwads and misers can successfully market online without the need for huge budgets. The internet does offer some great low-cost opportunities for the most frugal among us and it also allows you the chance to market for free. By all means, take advantage of these low cost and free internet marketing options so that you can drive traffic to your website without busting your budget. 

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