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5 Ways To Find An Inspiration For Your Product Ads’ Writing

5 Ways To Find An Inspiration For Your Product Ads' Writing

Copywriting is not exactly the work of literature at its best, but it still demands the same level of creativity and effort. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s more difficult to create premium brand content in a few simple lines than to write an entire novel.

No matter how prolific or skilled you might be, you are going to face creative droughts sooner or later. In such circumstances, the only way out is to identify new sources of inspiration and do your best to freshen up as soon as possible. 

This is a challenging process, but we want to help you get over it. If you are interested to learn how it works, keep reading to see five ways to find inspiration for writing product advertisements.

How to Write Amazing Ads

Before you see the sources of inspiration, you need to understand what it really means to write standout product ads. We divided the process into seven steps to make it easier and understandable:

1.Mind the channel of promotion

The way you write a copy largely depends on the targeted channel of promotion. Where do you want to place ads? Is it Facebook or a website? Perhaps you want PPC ads on Google or traditional magazine advertising? The channel you choose will impact the style of content creation, so you have to be clear about that before you begin writing.

2.Customize it to fit the audience

The communication platform is not the only thing that matters here as you also have to take into account the preferences of your audience. This includes cultural differences, age, and gender of a typical customer, location, lifestyle, values, etc. After all, you can’t expect a 50-something lady to react the same as the average high school kid.

3. Headlines have to be attractive

The next advice is to come up with attractive headlines. As the first thing readers can see, titles need to be appealing and eye-catching. You can achieve it by using humor, surprises, emotion, numbers, or any other element that you know works well with the target audience. 

If you need help assessing the title, we suggest using a tool like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. The platform will show you the pros and cons of each headline and give you valuable recommendations on how to improve it.

4.Solve problems and emphasize benefits

Another useful suggestion is to write a copy which presents a practical problem and explains how your product can help to solve it. The goal is to emphasize the benefits of using your product instead of someone else’s, so do your best to figure out the comparative advantages of your offer.

5. Keep it concise

This goes without saying, but we have to warn you to keep the copy clear and concise. Users don’t want to bother with long ads, so you better save inspiration for tutorials and blog posts. On the other hand, product ads must be brief and highly actionable.

6. Add a product image

If possible, it would be perfect to add a product image to your ads. Don’t forget that the picture is worth a thousand words, thus allowing you to show the item instead of just describing it. Working in pair, images and textual copies can make the biggest effect on potential customers and inspire them to take action. 

7. Tell them how to buy the product

Speaking of user engagement, the last rule of copywriting is to tell customers how and where to buy the product. You need to give them something – a phone number, a landing page, an email, a store address – that they can use to establish the first contact and purchase the item eventually.

5 Tips to Get Inspired for Product Ads Copywriting

Knowing how to write product ads is one thing, but thinking of a clever copywriting idea is something completely different. This is why we made a list of five things that can help you to find inspiration for creating beautiful product advertisements. Let’s check them out here:

1. Listen to your audience

The basic rule of copywriting is to listen to what your audience has to say about your products. They mostly leave negative reviews, but you can definitely find a lot of positive appraisals as well. After all, end-users are those who know your products the best and their voice is certainly the one you should pay attention to. 

If you are not sure how to find customers’ comments, here are a few simple hints:

  • Website: If you regularly write blog posts or product tutorials, you can probably find a bunch of inspirational comments below.
  • Social media: The same logic applies to social media, so don’t forget to analyze comments to your posts and to read inbox messages.
  • Emails: Another option is to see what email subscribers have to say about your products and use it as an inspiration for copywriting.

2.Analyze competitors

You are not alone out there. The copywriting universe is filled with all sorts of product ads, so you might as well see how your competitors are doing.

Of course, we are not saying you should steal their ideas or copy/paste attractive lines, but this kind of research can surely help you to understand the pros and cons of your content creation strategy. You can use these insights to get creative again and improve your copywriting strategy.

3. Read industry magazines, websites, and periodicals

Almost every niche has a few highly authoritative magazines, periodicals, and websites that your target groups love to read. Such publications also contain advertising sections and it gives you the opportunity to learn how the most successful copywriters in your industry are handling product ads.

4. Look for outstanding billboards

There ways to find inspiration in the real world, too. You should look around and search for outstanding billboards with quality product copies. Jake Gardner, a content creator at the writing service, says billboards always use top-level copywriting because the audience doesn’t have time to read too long: “The average driver has to figure out the purpose of the message almost instantly, which is why billboards often contain powerful advertising content.”

5.Search for social media ads

Going back to the digital world once again, we can notice tons of interesting product ads on social networks such as Facebook. This is probably the easiest way to find quality examples of product ads writing because you only need to launch a social app and start scrolling down the newsfeed. It won’t take you long before you begin noticing sponsored content, so the only thing left is to find ads that really inspire you to write a standout copy.


Copywriting is a demanding business which requires full focus, hard work, and a whole lot of time and effort. The competition in this area is severe and only the most prolific authors can continuously write attractive product advertisements.

We made this post to help you with two things:

  • How to write amazing products ads
  • Where to find inspiration for writing quality ads

Have you ever used any of these tactics? Do you have other useful tricks to share with our readers? Let us know in comments – we would love to see it!

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