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How to Leverage Instagram To Increase Website Traffic

How to Leverage Instagram To Increase Website Traffic

Instagram is not only good for building brand recognition and relationships.

The platform can also be used as website traffic source, generating tons of traffic to your website or blog.

If you’re looking to convert your Instagram audience into customers and get them into your sales funnel, leading them to your website with a clear call to action is the second step. The first step is locating your target audience and make them discover you on Instagram.

Instagram is a tool that people to use in order to gain traffic to their website, however, the only thing a lot of people do is add their website link in their profile bio and then hoping for their traffic to skyrocket.

In this article, I’ll, therefore, teach you How to Leverage Instagram To Increase Website Traffic and present you the best way of doing so.

How to Leverage Instagram To Increase Website Traffic

1. Add a website link in your bio

This is the most obvious thing you must do if you want any traffic to your website through Instagram, as your bio is the only place where you can add a clickable link.

To add a link in your bio, open up Instagram, go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile“. In the box where it says “Website” fill in your website URL.

Because Instagram doesn’t allow you to post website links in your captions, people have to take different approaches to promoting their website.

The approach is often to write “Link in bio” or “Click the link in our bio” to direct people to a website as a clear call to action, so people know what they should do.

2. Spark an interest

As we talked about above, it is common that people write “Link in bio” on their posts. However, if that’s everything you write in your caption, people won’t click your bio, simply because you haven’t sparked an interest in doing so.

Your caption should include three pieces.

  • Presentation
  • Why they should click the link
  • “Link in bio”

First, you need to explain the issue and help people get an understanding of what it is you’re posting about.

Then, you need to create an interest in the reader that makes them want to read and learn more.

Then, you tell them where they can find your website link.

A great quote from Tailwind app is “Cliffhanger content will pull Instagram followers to your website to close the story loop”

Here’s an example of a website appealing caption, containing all three parts:

“The fish in the ocean are dying in horrendous speed.

But a miracle solution has now been invented to help save the fish…

Click the link in our bio to learn more”

3. Post more than once per day

This is quite obvious yet very important if you want to drive a lot of traffic.

If you know how many posts that are being posted each day, you know that the competition of being seen is huge.

So if one post gives you a tiny bit of exposure, three posts should give you three times the exposure, right?

Be careful with starting to post 10 or even 20 posts a day because people will unfollow you.

Read the article below to learn more about the ultimate amount of posts you should publish on Instagram.

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4. Build a Community, not a following

Loyal followers who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to offer are much more likely to be interested in the type of content you share, and therefore click your website link to learn more.

By having followers who are passionate about cars when your website is about golf, they might not do much good for your traffic, or sales for that matter.

Therefore, when growing your following on Instagram, you should find and engage with your target audience, because by having followers who are interested in what you share, you’ll get a much higher click-through rate

5. Don’t forget hashtags

You shouldn’t only rely on your existing audience.

By hashtagging your content, you can help other people find your content, and best of all, by using hashtags that your target audience uses, you can let people from your target audience find your content, start following you, and ultimately click your website link.

6. Add a call to action in your bio

Apart from adding a call to action in your captions, you can also add CTA:s in your bios.

Your bio is the first thing people will see when visiting your page, so by having a strong call to action, you might be able to get people to click-through to your website the minute they come to your website.

Dell is one example of a brand with a clear call to action in their bio:

How to Leverage Instagram To Increase Website Traffic

In addition to the strong call to action, they have also added a pointing emoji, further empowering the message and CTA.

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