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What is the Ultimate Amount of Posts You Should Publish on Instagram?

What is the Ultimate Amount of Posts You Should Publish on Instagram?

This is a common question the answers to it are often unclear and often say “it depends” but today, we’re not going to satisfy with that answer.

In this article, we’ll be telling you the truth and the real answer to the question on what the ultimate amount of posts per day on Instagram is.

“How many posts should I post per day on Instagram?”‘

Now, I will tell you exactly the answer that I said weren’t  going to satisfy with-which is “it depends” but let me explain.

There are several factors that plays a part in how many posts you should post on Instagram.

First of all, the best frequency to post on Instagram really depends on you and your followers. You have to ask yourself the question “How can I tailor the frequency of my posts on Instagram to get the ultimate results?”. And luckily, I will provide you with very helpful tactics that can help you decide how many posts are ideal for you.

1. Experiment

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Most people agree that you should post at least once a day in order to keep your followers updated and reminded about your existence. Do have this as a minimum requirement and then experiment with for example 2 posts a day for a week and then measure your results.

Have your engagement increased?

Have your followers increased?

If the answer is yes, you might be onto something. Then you can try and post 3 times a day on some days and see what results you are generating.

Are you losing followers because you are spamming too much or d your followers just enjoy more content from you?

It is said that practicing is better than studying in some cases and this is true in this case. You won’t learn very much by thinking about how many posts you should post. Instead, go out and test and then write down the results of your little experiment.

This is often how most people on Instagram find their ultimate post amount so why should’t you try it as well?

2. Look at your competitors


It might be helpful looking at how many posts your competitors are posting on Instagram per day.

Pick out some of your biggest competitors that are sharing about the same thing as you and write down how many posts they are posting each day. You should also note their engagement because there are a lot of pages that aren’t posting the ultimate amount of posts because frankly, they didn’t even know such thing existed.

Compare amount of posts and engagement and see which amounts seems to get the best response.

Now, you can get yourself an understanding of an approximate amount of posts is the ultimate amount for you.

3. Ask your followers

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Why not just ask your followers how many posts they want to see because after all, it is your followers that are going to see your posts and they will of course know how many posts per day they want to see from you.

You can ask that question by either just making a post and asking your followers, Direct message a few of your followers, ask them in a comment on their post and much more.

At the end, the ultimate amount of posts on Instagram comes down to what your followers prefer and what your niche likes. The best way is to simply try to mix different amounts of posts and write down the results of them in order to find the sweet spot of posts.

How many posts are you posting per day on Instagram?

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