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How Social Media can Help your E-commerce Business

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life of people nowadays. Global Digital Report 2019 finds that 46 percent of global population are active social media users with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the top three most popular social networking sites. Social media is attracting users of all age ranges as a place for communicating, interacting, sharing experience and building connections. Since social media is where people virtually interact and connect, such a sphere provides a great opportunity for an e-commerce business to reach their potential customers in a new and personalized level.

Any brand that is ready to adopt social media as a method of online marketing will be able to gain an unprecedented competitive edge over peers. 

Online marketing

According to a global survey by GlobalWebIndex blog in June 2019, advertisements on social media, social media comments and consumer review sites are among the top sources of new brand recovery. Social media can promote your brand presence and brand awareness, establish brand loyalty and drive traffic to your websites that can result in sales. Demographic information of social media users can also help digital marketers target their marketing strategies and choose the best e-commerce advertising campaign for their customers.

Understanding demographics of social media users helps sellers personalize ads content to suit the preferences and interests of target customers and approach them in real time with helpful valuable information. Moreover, business owners can remarket their ads to potential buyers, continually targeting customers over and over across multiple platforms to create impressions and conversions. Personalization is the most important e-commerce technology trend as of late and a better personalization can lead to customers’ better shopping experience, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

In addition, having a brand’s social media account can help brands engage with real-time customer service and a more efficient and proactive problem solving for customers. With the technological advancements that have brought the world at our fingertips, people these days are more impatient and always expect fast reactions to what they need. Brands that consistently engage with customers on their social media pages in the best manner to get a better chance of creating and maintaining positive relationships and good impression with their customers, which can be interpreted as excellent customer experience and online business success.

How often should you post on social media?

Online word of mouth is one great way to promote a business reputation, and that can be triggered by product or service recommendation made by actual or former customers who have received positive experience from interactions with social media pages of brands. The word of mouth phenomenon on the Internet is much more effective and can reach a wider group of audience than its offline counterpart.

Apart from the above mentioned marketing strategies, e-commerce social media also concerns quality content optimization. Posts on social media need to be optimized to include keywords that can capture the attention of target audience and increase your visibility, which will allow you to reach a wider audience base than your current followers. At the same time, regularly posting relevant and interesting content on your page is important to retaining your followers and increasing their engagement. That is one of the keys to creating a loyal customer base for your brand.

While digital media offers a vast opportunity for brand owners and retailers to generate business growth in the e-commerce area, it requires a significant investment of money, time and expertise to earn success in such a challenging playing field, which could be difficult for inexperienced e-commerce players. Fortunately, there are numerous end-to-end managed solution agencies out there to help you out with these tasks in a cost-effective manner. Outsourcing your e-commerce business management to experts with experience in seller account management, e-commerce technologies and online marketing strategies will give you a big advantage and can help to grow your business.

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