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Tips to Make your Video into a successful Story

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Make your video into a successful story

Nowadays videos have been created great attraction among the audience in digital marketing. It acts as a powerful promotion tool for businesses by engaging the audience in a great way.  The popular video hub YouTube has more than 1.5 billion login and video watching.  In the same way, creators also creating more new videos based on their interests or business. 

In such a situation, making an effective video that will get noticed by the audience is very difficult. When at the point of video marketing, if it is failed to reach the audience then it may create more hold back to business.  So if you want to make your video into a success story then you are in the right place now. Let us discuss the tips to make an effective video. 

1. Deal with sales free approach

One of the major tricks of marketing is you should not market your product. Are you getting confused?  Yes. 

Your audience already felt annoyed and repelling of other brands and services on the Internet. If you also doing the same to your audience then they may get away from your product or services. Here I will share with you the great idea to you. You should not market your product directly. Instead of this penetrate your product into the audience as well as with your clients. And it can be done through a better video. 

For example, if you are running an organic product shop then you can develop the video with all the benefits from organic products as well as the importance of generic organic product usages instead of what kind of organic product you are having. 

This will pull a maximum number of audience to you and the greater conversion has been done in this case. 

Now you may realize what I am saying. 

2. Stop boring and make fun in your video

Nowadays people in the academic, industry, business are staying with a lot of pressure about their existing day to day activities. Also, they are ready to move in anytime to engage them with the humor. If creating funny and humor video might help you to acquire a point across efficient, then why you are waiting to make it. Apply this tip into your video and check how it can work for your business or service. 

Make your video in the audience’s point of view to enlighten them with the humor content and pull them back from their all-day reality. 

For example, you may watch the video of saint Gobain, NIPPON Paint, Vodafone zoo zoo videos. They are creating their video funny and they are getting almost the best reach in their brand value. Through this kind of funny videos, you can penetrate the mind of the audience easily. 

3. Educate your audience and take a stand 

As your audience are like visual learners, try to engage them with educating your audience. To make this successfully find the pain point of the audience initially.  It can be done in many forms such as you can develop the video like how to use your product differently, how your product is going to change the pain point of the audience. Also, you can teach your audience how your product is getting differed from the competitor’s product in the market. 

In this, you can add more value to the audience’s lives and create more leads in this process. 

4. Get more chance to come across

Identify the ideal length of your product’s or business’s video by analyzing the market. Since longer videos lose the chance to catch your reach when compared with smaller videos. Also, the conversion rate is one of the aspects based on the video length. Here you can get points that video length is one phase of marketing that more people have looked into. 

Nowadays most of the people are watching your video in 1-minute space. People may watch your video when they are getting off the bus, when they are getting coffee break, when they are waiting for someone. Pulling of audience attraction can get through smaller videos because micro-videos perform better with the audience. After conducting research Hubspot recommends 2-minute videos for Youtube, 1-minute videos for Facebook, 45 seconds for Twitter videos, 26 seconds for Instagram videos. Make your content that much crisp.

5. Use Testimonials/successful stories

Cover your target audience by using your existing audience. Better understanding of your business can be reached to your target audience by your existing customer’s testimonials. It will build trust in you among the target audience. In this way, you can influence the target audience. 

The below-mentioned screenshot is a video created by Google to promote Google business. This video shows successful stories to happen to the business and how Google business will create a lead to your business,  how the existing audience feels about your product or service. Also, this video creates great assumptions to imagine their business success rate.

Now you may get ideas on how to create your videos successfully. 

With these tips, you can create a great piece of video content that shows all your business or product and expose about your target and conveys a great and sweet story. 

Socialize your video:

Is this enough to reach your video as a successful story? No. One important thing has to be done by you to reach a successful path. That one is nothing but how to reach all your videos into the audience. To achieve this I will share some ideas with you. 

  • Once your video is getting ready for screening then concentrate on increasing inbound traffic. Inbound traffic means it can be done by you. To increase inbound traffic, build a web page for your specific video. Also, don’t forget to optimize videos for searching. And enhance your webpage SEO. 
  • After doing this share and promote your video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Make sure to optimize the title, descriptions, keywords, relevant tags and proper backlink to your videos. 
  • Never forget to write a guest blog to improve the authority around the video subject related area. Also, Email your video to the target audience. 
  • The final and ultimate purpose of this preprocessing is completely to reach sales and commercial benefits. So never forget to share your videos in all the possible ways.

That’s it… keep these tips in your mind…Now you can start to market your business through your successful video and reach your business to the success story. 

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