Monday, July 22

Content Marketing Stats & Facts (Infographic)

Content marketing has to do with the creation and sharing of material that will be available to an online audience. This typically includes social media posts, blogs, and videos. Generally, they are intended to create interest in certain products or services. content marketing can go a long way when used effectively, in expanding the horizons of your business. You can choose pretty much any approach you like, as long as it is educational, informative, and, most of all, valuable to the target audience.

A lot of businesses/companies already use content marketing to increase their reach and connect with their audience. There is a misconception that it is no longer relevant in 2019, but statistics prove otherwise. Although there is a lot of content published online every day, the best way to make yours stand out is by producing targeted content that is specific to your audience. This is the only way smaller, less-popular brands can compete and keep their customer base. Content marketing is also an industry with rapidly changing trends, so it is important to keep up with the latest information to maintain the interest of your audience. 

Statistics show that about 92% of companies produce their content internally. The most outsourced content demands the most expertise and time. Whatever approach you choose to use for your content marketing, it is important that each of the steps is optimized for the different areas of engagement. Also, to get more people to view the content you publish, it is important to increase the frequency of your publications. When there is more of your content online, it increases your page rank on Google, making it faster and easier for your audience to find you.

This infographic on content marketing statistics highlights everything you need to know about this effective strategic approach and how you can adapt it to grow your business.

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