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How Important is Product Visualization?

Product visualization is an important aspect of many different sectors and industries in most advanced economies. It is a technological advance that has allowed us to become more productive and innovative. Sadly, most people who don’t keep up with tech news and aren’t directly working with tools and programs that enable product visualization often aren’t aware of how important it is. This article aims to inform you of the most important uses of product visualization in our economy and ways you, as a business owner, can benefit from it: 


Prototyping is perhaps the most useful task that product visualization can help us with. 

Just 60 years ago, how did new products get invented? Well, it usually started with an entrepreneur having an idea. He would create a document detailing out his idea. At most, he’d also be able to do a rough sketch by hand or hire someone to do it. If he was lucky, he then would know some investors who had enough patience to listen to his ideas. Most of the time, investors would dismiss them as having an idea that was untenable and untangible.

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If he got lucky and an investor liked his ideas, then, they’ll spend a ton of cash creating the first prototype of the idea in some manufacturing plant. This was a lengthy, risky, and expensive process. Most of the first prototypes coming out would not be functional. The entrepreneur would need to revise his idea multiple times, all the while hoping the investor didn’t cut his funds, and if lady luck smiled on him again, he’ll be able to create a working prototype on his tenth try.

Now, let’s look at that process today. The entrepreneur once coming up with an idea has access to a myriad of tools. These tools will help him recreate his idea in 3D and model it to his heart’s desire. Some of the more sophisticated tools even emulate physics, so he’ll be able to apply pressure to his tool, see how different parts of his tool interact with each other, and every other small detail all on his computer. Once he’s worked the details out, he’ll have a much higher chance of convincing an investor. Because the investor will see the innovation in 3D, and he’ll be able to check out all the physics models to see if the product is viable.

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Now, when the production phase kicks in, there’s much less need for hundreds of prototypes to ensure everything works. You can easily check out most parameters on the computer and get the final product right during your first or second try. 

So, thanks to product visualization, the entrepreneur is having a better time because he can work more efficiently and test out his ideas better, the investor is having a better time because he is taking on less risk, and the manufacturer is having a better time because he doesn’t need to waste money creating unviable early models of the product. Product visualization has quite literally revolutionized the manufacturing industry around the world. 


Creating animations is another important area that product visualization plays a key role in. Most of the ads we see on TV or on the internet probably contain products that were created with these techniques. It is much cheaper and economically efficient to recreate the products on a computer, add special effects, and move them around. Thanks to this technology, we’re seeing ads are that prettier than ever for less cost and environmental harm than ever. 

Customization and Lighting 

If you’ve ever managed an online storefront, you know how important it is to display the most gorgeous and appealing photos of the products on the site. Not to mention, many of your customers would want to be able to customize your products and view them in 3D. Sadly, while cameras have massively improved over the last two decades, they still can’t give you the experience and the style of products created with 3D product visualization methods. 

With these, you can view the products in 3D, you can customize them in real-time on your e-commerce platform, and you can control the lighting and the ambiance. This helps both the business manager sell more units and the customer by allowing him to inspect the products more closely. If you’re excited about using this technique on your website, but you don’t have the technical expertise to do so, you can use custom 3d modeling services by Mimeeq, they’ll provide you with photorealistic and high-quality models of your products for a decent price. 

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