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Do You really Need Antivirus Protection For My Business?

Starting your own business, you face several difficulties, including the security of sensitive data. It does not matter whether you have a small office or a big company; information safety is critical. You cannot but agree that all the business spheres are somehow related to using the Internet. It is no wonder that you, as a business person or senior manager, want to make sure that all the office processes run smoothly. For that reason, an antivirus seems to be the most reasonable decision.

How to Choose an Antivirus

At first sight, choosing a solution that comes with all the essential features is not that hard: there are lots of antimalware packages on the market that only need to read the descriptions and make a choice. Moreover, it is even more comfortable if you decide on moving another way. You can find many software solutions from the leading antivirus providers explicitly created for businesses such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. And when you finally make a choice, all you have to do is figure out what features of the antivirus product you need.

You may know that the primary aim of the antiviruses is to scan your device for viruses. However, what is the rest of the crucial features? You will need a file encryption option to prevent critical information from being leaked outside the office. Also, you will need the feature that allows you to control access to applications, programs, or any web resources. So, you will be sure that none of the employees accidentally infects the office computers with viruses or suspicious software. Another essential feature to consider is the control panel that allows users to install software and restore the system from a single control panel. 

Importantly, the basic version of the antivirus will not cope with such system administration, but the extended version will. For instance, the advanced version of Total AV antivirus allows a user to be in control when it comes to threats minimization, quarantining, and flagging. Besides, there is a feature of real-time scanning. Using this feature, you can feel calm knowing that your employees are safe while using the Internet.

The Basics of Cybersecurity

It is necessary to consider not some general ideas, however, a comprehensive list of tasks that are crucial for your business and can be solved with the help of an antivirus. Then, you will be able to choose an antivirus suite for complete protection of the corporate network. In such a way, the main question arises: what should a modern antivirus be able to do?

  • Easy to configure. An experienced specialist can easily handle one or two systems engineers. But when the number of devices is huge and includes desktops, laptops, servers, and so on, it is hard to operate all these effectively. So, a single management console for all devices is a good thing for you. Upgrading an antivirus database in one click for all your wards is a great deal.
  • Protection from viruses. You cannot keep an eye on all your employees and forbid them from visiting certain websites. Such an approach does not work, while the Internet and flash drives have long been a part of work in almost every industry and personal life as well. It is unrealistic to predict what particular desktop PC will be attacked: newer versions of malware often appear just like that. Classic signature signing helps often, but not always. Consider antiviruses with zero-day protection.
  • Programs control. It is a common situation when people consider themselves to be a good IT specialist. However, such stories end up not well, and the company spends lots of money to fix the problem. Yet, many IT enthusiasts often clean up browsers of dubious origin and advanced applications for Windows, and so on. Consider the whitelist feature that allows only trusted apps for your devices.
  • Data leak prevention. The antiviruses help you to protect the office network via work computers. But it is merely impossible to keep track of every employee’s gadgets. The device control feature is a perfect solution in terms of this issue. Some people register with the program and get authorized access, and the rest cannot access the network. In such a way, the system administrator does not have to control all third-party devices in a manual way.
  • Data encryption. A reliable antivirus can encrypt not only individual documents and files but also the entire disk.  When emailed, the antivirus will keep safe the encrypted files by means of a password. And if any unpleasant situation happens cases, a qualified administrator can always manage to find and extract the necessary data using the encryption key.

When choosing an antivirus for business, consider that in addition to protection against viruses, it also must keep safe the corporate network from data leakage and hacking. What is more, an efficient antivirus will also protect the entire company from the careless actions of the users themselves. After all, the main threat to the organization is not the Trojans and banner ads, but the loss of valuable information. Make sure you have a skilled system administrator who can distinguish a proper antivirus software, and the program will do its job.

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