Tuesday, September 26

Why Would you Make your Second Headquarters in Atlanta?

Why would you make your second headquarters in Atlanta?

Most companies have good reasons why they want to have a 2nd headquarters in Atlanta. This city has increasingly become attractive to many companies with its convenient transportation, low cost of living, diverse talent pool, and the presence of tech hubs. This is appealing to a worldwide talent who looks for companies operating in Atlanta. Therefore, why would you make your 2nd Headquarters in Atlanta? Here is what you need to know about this amazing city. 

Low cost of operations

Many businesses consider the cost of operating their businesses as one of the crucial factors. This is especially true for businesses that have limited financial resources and they have only started their operations. Therefore, Atlanta being an inexpensive city, most people can afford a great lifestyle while making a moderate income.

Aside from this, more businesses are adopting technology to grow, making it flexible for companies to operate wherever they desire. This has made it cheaper to start a business in Atlanta. Even better, this city offers free classes for new entrepreneurs to help them launch their startups. 

Convenient mode of transportation

Atlanta has one of the busiest airports in the world known as Hartsfield-Jackson International. Consequently, business travel is not only easier but also more affordable than most of the other cities. You can organize to meet with clients from across the globe and even transport your products in and out of the city easily.

Atlanta has a remarkable bus and railway system too. This is an important factor for employees who look for a smooth way of commuting to and from work. Exchanging business ideas has also been a favorite factor for many people. This city has Atlanta Tech Village, where owners of startups can come together to brainstorm business ideas. In addition to this, they provide workplaces for owners of startups to operate their businesses.

Diverse skills-set

Atlanta is known for having some of the most advanced technology and bioscience universities like Emory University and Georgia Tech. Turns out that George Tech with its one of the oldest business incubators is popular for many entrepreneurs. Most of the graduates of these top universities prefer to live and work in Atlanta and this helps the businesses grow in the city.

Atlanta has been recognized in the country for its growth and identity over the years. This city is considered as one of the best areas in the country to launch a new business. Hence, it’s not surprising to see a significant number of tech companies starting their operations in this area. If you want to make your 2nd HQ in Atlanta, a digital marketing agency in Atlanta can help you with all your digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, and Google Ads.

There is also something unique about the Southern hospitality in this city, that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the country. Businesses are taken seriously and the communities would do anything to rescue a failing business. This means the communities are always interested in the sustainability of companies. It’s common for communities to start fund-raising activities to save businesses from collapsing.

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