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9 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Employees

How do you motivate your employees? Having motivated employees is important for many reasons, including building a great culture, having your employees stick around, and of course for performance. In this article, we share our top ways to motivate your employees.


Motivation is what makes a person perform a task. Different people have various reasons due to which they work. Usually, the basic necessity and the reason to work is to earn. Getting the salary is what keeps a person willing and motivated to work. Some people work for their satisfaction, whereas some work to develop or gain experience. It varies from one employee to another. A person’s needs and behavior are two main factors that define the reason for their motivation.

Why is it required?

Motivation is required to keep the employees satisfied. If your employees are satisfied, so will your customers be. Motivation is required to increase employee commitment, provide satisfaction, increase and improve the quality of the work, use human assets optimally, etc. If your employees are not motivated, then the quality of the work may decrease.

On the other hand, motivated employees work hard and demonstrate creative ways to achieve the target. Hence, keeping employees motivated is quite essential.

Effective Tips to Motivate Your Employees

There are many theories used for motivating employees. It depends on the industry or firm, which technique they want to use. Here are some of the best effective tips to motivate your employees.

1.Delegate Authority

Delegating authority is required to reduce the burden of top management. It also helps to develop trust and improve relationships with employees. When the work is divided into employees, giving them the necessary authority is important. As no work can be performed without delegating the required authority.

Also, when an employee is given authority, it gives them a sense of pride and happiness that they are being trusted by their superiors. This motivates them, to stand up and perform well.

2. Trust them

Trusting your employees is also required. Once, you assign them to work, it is necessary that you have faith in them. For instance, if you are in an educational company which has started a new project called ‘write my essay for me’ and you want to increase customer, then let your assigned employee use his creativity to generate customers.

When work is assigned to someone, it becomes the duty of that employee to perform well. It allows the employees to use their creative and other skills. It is beneficial for employee development and by doing so, you get to know which employee performs the best.

3.Set Rewards

Rewards are themselves a factor of motivation. If rewards are set, employees will put in their maximum efforts to achieve the reward. Rewards must be captivating, that allure employees to do work.

Thus, if rewards are not exciting, then nobody will be interested to accomplish it and they may not take it seriously. Increment in salary, promotion, a vacation, etc. are some great examples of rewards that are exciting and will motivate employees to work.

4.Provide training and development

Many employees look for companies that train them and provide development opportunities. Training should be provided to new employees to make them aware of the standards and quality of the work required.

It also develops their skills. Development programs are provided to existing employees so that they can perform better. Many potential and skilled workers search for a company to grow. In order to attract such employees, it is important to provide them development schemes

5. Keep an Open door policy

Open door policy is welcoming employees to freely share their issues and grievances. If an employee has a problem, he or she must be free to discuss it with someone.

Companies should make a club or room where employees can discuss their issues with someone. Usually, the HR manager is responsible for handling an employee’s grievances, Assistant HR can be deployed to do this task. Also, if there is an issue, then necessary action must be taken. 

6.Provide Good Facilities

Good facilities also attract employees and motivate them to work in your organization. Good facilities include flexible working hours, job security, providing refreshments, necessary holiday, handsome salary, etc.

If your working hours are correct, then the employee will work happily. Providing refreshments might not seem relevant but in reality, it is. You must provide the necessary refreshment to your employees. Similar is the case with holidays, the organization must follow the rules provided by the government for employee holidays. Best way to motivate them is to look at them as a person and not slaves.  

7.Recognize their efforts

Employees give in their maximum efforts to achieve the targets assigned to them. However, if they perform exceptionally well, then their efforts must be praised and recognized.

This will motivate them to work more hard. When you praise one employee for his or her work performed, the other employees will also be motivated to work better and get the same recognition. You can give them awards or certificates like best performer, best employee, etc. 

8.Provide Individual Feedback

Feedbacks should be provided to the individual employees rather than the whole team. Giving feedback to every individual shows that the company is concerned about their performance and pays attention to them.

Although for large scale organization it can be a hectic task to give personal feedback, they can create a department especially for this purpose, where work and performance of all employees are measured. It is the best tip to motivate as well as retain your employees. 

9.Take their feedback

Every organization feels that their system is perfect but if you want to know the reality, ask their employees. It’s ironic but also true at the same time. employees are the one who follows the structure and are aware of the difficulties that are there.

Hence, taking feedback from the employees will help an organization to be aware of the loopholes in their firm. Then steps can be taken to improve it. On the other hand, employees will feel motivated that their opinion is being valued and that they have a voice in the company.

By following these tips, you can ensure motivation in your employees. A company must treat employees as their family, if this is followed, then they will also work hard for the betterment of this family. Hence, you can implement these tips in your organization without any doubt.  

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I am Mike Hall, a self-motivated Content Writer. I have experience of about 13 years. With the help of my experience with different companies, I have written these tips which definitely motivates employees. Writing is my passion and I love to write articles, blogs, in different categories. 

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