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 Back to Basics: Horse Racing Betting

 Back to Basics: Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting is one exciting way to enjoy all horse races. It is straightforward to get started with the betting process, and also very addictive once started. Every beginner needs to take note that betting isn’t complicated, once the basics are followed and all rules adhered to. In this article, we look at the basics of betting and the best ways one can bet on horse racing.

Types of Bets

As a beginner to horse betting, you need to be aware of the different kinds of betting in horse racing. There are several types of bets on horse racing, but the following three are the most common. This includes fixed odds, pari-mutuel betting, and exchange betting. 

  • Fixed

The first bet type, which is the fixed odds betting is widespread for beginners and experts alike. It is the most popular type of betting in which you place wagers at specified odds with a bookmaker. The fixed odds betting pays the winners once their wager wins at those odds. If your wager loses, the bookmaker gets to keep your money.

  • Pari-mutuel

The Pari-mutuel bet differs from the Fixed-odds betting system because there are no odds involved. The pay-outs are based on how many people picked the winning horse, and how much was wagered on a race in total. The Pari-mutuel betting system is not that common but is highly recommended by betting enthusiasts.

  • Exchange

Our final type of betting is the exchange betting system that replaces the bookmaker from fixed odds betting with other individuals. With this type of bet, you strike wagers with other individuals offering you some advantages over the other two options mentioned earlier. The exchange betting takes some getting used to, but it is engaging once understood. 

Your drive for betting may be for entertainment purposes or serious wins. No matter what it may be, you will need to put in some amount of work. When it comes to winning a bet on horse racing, there’s no shortcut. It is possible to earn money consistently from betting, but it isn’t guaranteed, and it isn’t an easy process.

Tips for Beginners

Beginners in the skill of horse racing betting need to understand how betting works, to place good bets, and reap the benefits. The following tips are very straightforward points that enable you to understand what is needed to be done and why. 

  • Start small

Without much explanation, this is a simple rule that is also very important. As a beginner, it’s not so realistic that you’re going to make money on your first bet. When you start taking chances, you’re far more likely to lose; thus, it is best to keep your losses at an acceptable level. To do this, the only answer is to stake small. 

  • Set a budget 

Apart from staking small, beginners must set a budget for their betting needs, and consider how much they’re prepared to use during that period. Having a budget gives you more control over your money, and also over your betting. The result of having a budget is that you don’t spend more than you can afford.

  • Don’t bet on all races

The final one of our racing tips for beginners is… not every race needs to be staked on. Be selective about the tracks you bet in. When betting on dozens of races daily, there’s no way you can make appropriately informed decisions, thus bet on only sports you’re confident in. 

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