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How Not To Burn Out While Earning Money?

How Not To Burn Out While Earning Money?

So, you’re passionate about your career and success? That’ awesome, but have you been overworking yourself just to out-perform and accomplish more in a short period of time? Now, that’s not good, especially for your health, and over time, for your business as well. In case you’re avoiding smart work-practices, you should be feeling very stressed, under pressure and about to burn out. Career burnout is a common thing among overachievers and those who are determined to succeed. This can quickly turn into a chronic psychological condition that can be triggered by copious amounts of work, unhealthy working environment, high expectations and lack of control.  Not to mention the emotional exhaustion, interpersonal frictions and losing the sense of purpose in the job.

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can avoid burning out while trying to reach success and become financially stable and independent. Make sure to remember that adopting some of the following suggestions will be hard in the beginning. However, once you realize the priorities in your life and how important it is to avoid burn out, you’ll surely have it much easier to follow our tips. 


Self-actualization is a term adopted by psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943 and refers to individuals who are happy once they’ve reached their full potential. However, to achieve self-actualization, there is one thing that can go wrong; an individual selling themselves short in the process. What we’re trying to say is that you’ll reach emotional and physical burnout quite quickly if your road to success relies on pleasing others and only responding to requests of other people. Many people tend to become ‘yes-sayers’ because they think that is the best way to progress in career and finally reach their dream job or position. That usually involves completing tasks and projects that the individual is not even passionate about; therefore, burnout is such cases is inevitable.

So, what you need to do is, of course, try to reach your full potential, but also become someone who can say ‘no’ to the things you don’t feel passionate about. Whether it is a task, a project that is making you unhappy, disregard the possibility of success or failure and put yourself first. Say ‘no’ to additional tasks, overworking, staying-in late and other things that can harm your mental and physical health. Therefore, always make sure to politely inform your partner, colleague or employer, that you just cannot take on a task or a request.

Time Off

Sure, it is hard to take time off when you have so much work to do, and you need the day to last longer than 24 hours in order to complete everything. But, have you ever come to think that your work isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of whether you take a two-week vacation or a long weekend, your work will still be there when you come back. Taking some time off can be extremely beneficial for both, you and your business. According to, stress-reduction can be achieved by taking long weekends, without calling the office or checking the emails. Sometimes, it is essential to let go and focus on taking a good rest.

However, there are entrepreneurs and business people who cannot simply afford to take three to four days weekend, or two-week vacations. So, what about them? There is a solution  in the form of several daily recommendations: 

  • Limit your exposure to digital devices after work
  • Implement rules regarding your work once you’ve gotten home. For example, try out the ‘no mobile device after 8 pm’ rule, or ‘no work-related emails and calls at home.’ This might help you rest and restore fully in order to be more productive and efficient the day after
  • If you are a student, try to at least minimize stress at college by using a research paper writing service uk for a desperately needed help with assignments
  • Make sure to exercise regularly, or try out meditation
  • Make sure to eat healthy at home, and the office; healthy snacking can provide you with daily energy requirements for your body’s normal functioning
  • Spend time with friends and family regularly and surround yourself with positive and funny people

Raging Out And Venting

When we say ‘raging out’ we don’t really mean that you should now drop everything you have to do and go party all night. Of course, if that’s going to help you avoid burning out, then sure, go for it. However, there are healthier ways you can rage out and prevent burnout. Try doing extreme sports, go for a swim once a week, and do things that you wouldn’t usually do. This will give you a sense of having a life outside of work, which will help you actually deal with your business more efficiently and productively. You can also always use humor to rage out, or punching a bag at the gym; either way, always make sure to turn your frustrations and anger into motivation.

Also, make sure to vent out regularly. It is essential to let it all out and talk to someone you can trust, or who will understand you. Turn to your friends, family, mentors or even professional help. To get things off your chest means clearing your mind, relieving stress in your body and getting ready to deal with upcoming challenges at work. Sure, money and success are necessary, especially in this day and age, but nothing should be more important than your mental and physical health. So, in order to avoid career-caused burnout, change your perspective and let it out from time to time.

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