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How is Online Marketing Used to Drive Traffic to Online Casinos?  

How is online marketing used to drive traffic to online casinos?  

It seems like adverts are everywhere we go these days. On the subway, at the bus stop, in the newspaper and now anytime we go online. In fact, online marketing has overtaken all other forms of paid advertising to become the biggest marketing spend for most companies. 

Anyone looking to play online slots for real money is sure to encounter their fair share of casino adverts. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how online casinos are using some clever marketing methods to attract new players. 

With fantastic bonus offers and promotions 

By having the most alluring casino bonuses for new players, online casinos can be sure of grabbing any potential customer’s attention. Offers might come in the form of bonus matched cash or free spins for selected games at the casino. You’ll often find a combination of the two on offer together to give the promotion a broader overall appeal to players. 

Casinos will get the message about their bonus offers out to future players by placing banner adverts on casino review sites or elsewhere that gamblers hang out online. They will also feature wherever there is a review of that casino so players can see the pros and cons before they decide to sign up or not. 

Through the strange magic of SEO 

SEO, or search engine optimisation to give it its full name, is the art of making your website appear on the first page of Google when someone searches online. Online casinos spend a lot of money on SEO. They try very hard to make sure that their brand is going to appear as close to the top of the pile every time you are seeking somewhere to play. 

As you can imagine this can be a pretty unpredictable way of any online casino making sure that they are getting your eyeballs onto their offers. To help boost their chances some brands will also pay for adverts in Google and other search engines. You can see this style of advert when you search for pretty much anything online, they will appear at the very top of the page above what is known as the organic search results.

Via Twitch and other live streams 

A pretty recent phenomenon online has been the epic rise of large streaming sites such as Twitch. The platform allows anyone to create a live stream of something they love and broadcast it anytime for others to watch. Think, an always-on, live version of YouTube where anyone can start a live stream on the site.  

Streams tend to group around interests such as popular online multiplayer games like Fortnite. Fans can then tune in to see how some of the top players approach their gameplay in real-time and pick up some tips or online buddies along the way. 

This style of live streaming also extends to the world of online casinos. Gambling fans can log in to watch top twitchers playing slots and live casino games on their stream whenever they are broadcasting. Some twitchers have thousands of fans who chat with them as they play casino games. Any highlights of big wins, jackpots, etc can then get used as clips to help promote a casino brand. 

Some Twitch channels are sponsored by online casino brands and offer special bonuses to their viewers if they sign up via an exclusive link. It’s a very smart way of marketing as viewers can see the games being played and get a glimpse of the online casino experience before they commit.  

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