3 Creative Marketing Strategies to Promote iGaming

There are many online marketing strategies for gambling and casino websites. The field of online casinos is very difficult, as the competition is very strong. It is difficult to have a good web referencing where the web marketing trick is particularly expensive. The persistence and hard work you need to rank a site on the most sought-after keywords is immense.

The key phrases in the online game are probably among the most difficult to rank on Google. Raising a website’s search engine rankings is not easy when the majority of websites you approach don’t want to work with you because you are an online casino or sports betting site.

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know that Google’s algorithm takes into account more than 300 criteria and factors to determine the order in which a site’s search results are displayed. How do we get to the top positions when we have an online casino? Such difficult keywords as online casino, online roulette or online gambling. That’s the purpose of this article!

Whether your market is more local or international, you will need to have your own internet marketing strategy.

Referral of an affiliated casino

Firstly, a distinction must be made between physical casinos, online casinos and affiliated casinos that use an online casino’s whitepaper platform.

For a physical casino, Google will treat it as a traditional local site. For online casinos, Google will treat it severely, as the demand is particularly difficult. If your site is an affiliate, Google will automatically downgrade it. Therefore, it will be much more difficult to reach a target in SEO.

You also need to see if the local government has regulations in place. This could play on the web positioning of your online casino.

The basis of the SEO audit

It is important to know the competition. You must do your audit in web referencing. Regularly, you must see what is going well in the competition on various points:

  • Age of the domain name
  • Site Authority
  • Backlinks
  • Type of links
  • Follow/dofollow links
  • Links to the home page vs. links to internal pages
  • Links to country sites
  • Anchor

The more you know about your competition, the more you can create your strategy.

Build a network of sites around your main site

It is imperative that you create a network of sites that will help you with backlinks. Either this network is managed by yourself or you ask partner sites to talk about you. Of course, the sites must have an interesting vision for search engines such as Google and Bing.

Also use sites that are important to Google: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all the others you have access to. Be present. This will of course help the positioning of your online casino.

Also try to have a presence on popular sites that are not easily accessible such as media, government or educational institutions. It’s a bit like the Holy Grail of SEO.

3 creative marketing strategies to promote iGaming

Although gambling is a very controversial activity in some countries like in the USA, it is still present all over the world in various forms among which online gambling is trendy and increasingly popular. The gambling industry is very aware of this fact. As a result, online casinos are constantly focused on changing their environment and marketing strategies to make it more attractive to players.

Content marketing

One of the best techniques for promoting a business is of course content marketing. Casinos are no exception. You will need to develop rich, unique content to create player engagement. Create computer graphics to make your content more creative than ever. Content marketing will of course help social networks to be fed on a daily basis. As content is king on search engines, SEO will also help your website’s popularity.

Social media campaigns

Your involvement in social media is important. Creating campaigns is one of the most effective ways to promote your online casino. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can promote your casino brand by publishing interesting content and information about your future online or physical events.


Even today, even if one might think otherwise, newsletters still work. So you can send newsletters to your target audience by email about upcoming online casino tournaments, promotional events and other interesting content. Make sure you know the right time to send your newsletter. Many members of Generation Y prefer to play online or on their mobile phones rather than in a traditional casino. Marketing strategies across multiple channels will help you better promote your brand.

Of course, there are many other ideas in internet marketing. You have to be creative and follow the trends in the market. Traditional marketing is also a way to promote an online casino. Major casino brands have made a fortune with both online and traditional marketing. The fact remains that your target audience is online, it is good to reach them through this means of communication that the internet offers.

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