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Has Working from home Challenged your Business? Here’s how to Keep your Employees Motivated

The work environment has changed completely. Indeed, there have already been jobs, before the Covid-19 pandemic, that did not need working from an office. However, the current situation has forced every business to adapt to these changes and move their work entirely in the online environment. 

As a consequence, people have been affected in more than one way, and the general feeling is that of lack of motivation. For this reason, employers need to also adapt to how they manage their teams. A way of doing that is by considering that every individual has been affected one way or the other, and their needs have been heightened.

Communication is key

Work-related communication is obviously needed, even more so when the luxury of everyone being in the same workspace is no longer. For this reason, without realising, everyone can end up using the entire time to discuss only topics regarding work. On top of this, having many business meetings to organise tasks and avoid workload can have the opposite effect. These meetings can generate more stress which will ultimately affect performance.

So, don’t forget to communicate your feelings as well. A good manager leads with empathy, and you sharing your thoughts might also help your employees by making them less prone to isolation. Noticing that their feelings are relatable will give them a sense of belonging.  

Communication is key, but so is listening. If your employees gain enough confidence to come to you for a personal conversation, it is vital you let them, as it will strengthen your professional relationship and build trust. Compared to a physical workspace, where you are better equipped to observe whether someone in your team is struggling, the virtual space has limited these chances.

Goal setting and recognition

Set specific goals and devise them into short term and long term. This isn’t necessarily something to be done when working from home only, as it allows for optimisation and efficient time use. However, when you’re mostly spending time at home, which becomes your workspace, goal setting has become even more important. Separating tasks by difficulty eliminates the overwhelming feeling of too much workload. It also allows employees to achieve them more easily.

Precise and clear goals can fight off the lack of motivation, but also is proper recognition. It is important not to forget to acknowledge your employees’ achievements. Moreover, a vital aspect of every well-established team is to reward your employees’ output and work, and not necessarily their online presence. Some people might be extremely hard-working and show good results without having to attend every single meeting.

This is especially the case when working from home – the constant requirement for online presence might be disrupting for some. Therefore, keep in mind that being understanding and recognising your employees’ achievements will improve their performance.

Invest in your employees

It is well known that investing in the development of your human capital is convenient for both parties. Employees are not just the engine to make your business run properly, but they can also help bring it to the next level, given that you provide them with the right tools.

You could always give them the opportunity to learn more about how the business works, regardless of their current role in the company. This is a mutually beneficial investment. It is good for the business, allowing for further growth and gives employees the chance to build upon their career. Besides, it is an incentive to come up with ideas and go the extra mile. 

For example, if your business is a beauty brand, producing make-up or cosmetics, a way of helping both your business and your employees is to offer them the chance to develop new skills or to improve their already acquired knowledge. You could offer your Research and Development department the chance to sign up for an online chemistry course focused on the production of beauty products. This allows them to gain in-depth insight and valuable information.


Another way you can motivate your employees is to allow them the space for personal development and the time for non-work-related activities. A way of doing this is to offer vouchers which they can spend on whatever they want. Depending on their preferences, this can either be online shopping or the chance of an experience.

Although there aren’t as many live events happening at the moment, due to social distancing, there are still ways in which you can offer them exciting experiences. For instance, someone might want to learn how to play the guitar. Certain webinars could complement watching video tutorials. Your employee will appreciate this, not only because you give them the space to do something outside work – although still within their house – but they will become more motivated.

Not just zoom meetings

Meetings can take long hours, with the internet sometimes causing connection problems, or difficulty getting your point across through a screen with multiple people at once. Such an environment can be tiring and stress-inducing. So, we recommend you also organise social video calls.

Normally, you would go for a drink after work on a Friday night, and while this is hardly possible right now, simply organise such an informal gathering virtually.

Certainly, it is not the same, but it might make all the difference for someone who finds it particularly hard dealing with every aspect of their life from home.

A good leader manages with vision and thinks about their employees’ needs and wants. Results and achievements are always acknowledged, and constant improvement is highly encouraged for the entire team and the business’s progress.

So, if there’s anything this pandemic has taught us, it is that people’s state of mind and physical and mental well-being are directly linked to their performance and getting results. Motivation can be difficult to maintain and even harder under these circumstances, so you must rely on each other for collective development.

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