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Powerful Ways to Increase Video Views on Instagram

Powerful Ways to Increase Video Views on Instagram

Video has shown to be more effective than images on Instagram when it comes to marketing. Therefore, you should be taking advantage of the power that Instagram video has. The small issue is however that if no-one sees your video, then it won’t do much good. But how can you increase your video views?

First and foremost, you need to have some kind of following. If you don’t, you need to build one because otherwise, a lot of the tactics below will take longer to perform desired results with.  The Complete Guide to Gaining Followers on Instagram will help you get started with building your page.

In this article, we’ll present you Powerful Ways to Increase Video Views on Instagram.

Powerful Ways to Increase Video Views on Instagram


Pre-editing video on a computer helps to make the video more attractive. Once you’ve edited the video, you can easily transfer it to your phone or a tablet or even publish from a computer by using a special app.

Just like posting images on Instagram, the quality of the content you put out has to be top-notch. Make sure you aren’t posting blurry videos with bad sound quality because that will scare people away. The structure of increasing video views on  Instagram very much relies on the quality of the video. If the quality is bad, you’ll generate worse results with the methods below.

2. Hashtags

Getting more views on Instagram also will rely on you using more hashtags. If you want to get more views on your Instagram pictures, then you need to use popular hashtags that will show up in Instagram search feeds. These popular hashtags can vary by the industry you work in.

It’s difficult to talk about increasing your reach and build your Instagram without talking about hashtags. This just shows that hashtags still are very much alive and can generate great results.


How To Grow Your Instagram with Hashtags

Why Should You Use Hashtags On Instagram?

3 Use Calls-to-action

Calls-to-actions are almost always very effective. With video, you can use a special trick that not many users are doing. Calls-to-Action inside the video work much better than the comments to the video. The main reason to this is that a lot of people are too lazy to read the captions and just scroll past them. By adding a call-to-action in the video, you can get a lot of people’s attention.

One of the best CTA’s (call-to-action) is asking users to tag their friends. By getting users to tag their friends, you’ll get a huge spread very quickly. The people who got tagged in your video might tag their friends and so on. Asking users to tag their friends is like a domino-effect that can generate impressive results very quickly.

4. Learn people something

A training video or a video which learns people something often interests a lot of people! Give people the opportunity to learn something exclusive. Of course, 60 seconds will not tell a lot (the maximum length of an Instagram video), but for this, you have comments where you can give a link to a more detailed information.

5. Cross-promoting

Link your Instagram account to other social media accounts and share your video there too. Just by posting a link to your posted video, you can increase both your video views and follower count.

6. Engage

Engaging with other users will make people find your account and very likely also take a look at your content. Like and comment other users’ videos and pictures to draw more attention to your page. Leave a nice comment every now and then asking them to watch your video.

About the content

Many successful Instagram accounts have a certain theme that carries throughout each of their video and photos. Create a special theme or style to make it more attractive.


There are a few very effective ways to increase your video views on Instagram and if you want to generate results, you should use all of them!

You can get more views on Instagram mostly through hashtags that you can write in your caption section. Also, not surprisingly, it’s better if you have more followers, which means more people are going to watch your video and this will make your video show on the explore page. If your video ends up on the Explore page, you can expect to gain quite some video views and followers.

Powerful Ways to Increase Video Views on Instagram

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