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Why Should You Use Hashtags On Instagram?

Why Should You Use Hashtags On Instagram?

Hashtags can help boost your Instagram page and spread your posted photos through the social media’s many branches.

Hashtags has lots of benefits but the ones that are mostly mentioned are: help you gain more followers, likes and comments, if done correctly. Learn how to use hashtags HERE!

Why You Should Use Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags can increase awareness and get your content seen by more people than only your followers.

Hashtags can also increase your social shares.

By simply adding hashtags (#) on your posts in the comments, you can expand your reach and ultimately increase your audience. Knowing how to utilize hashtags to make your page into a success is an easy way to increase your page’s reach.

Think about

Joining in on a trending hashtag is a great way to increase your page’s visibility. Before posting a hashtag, always think about if the hashtag has something has to do with the post you posted. If you use the right hashtags, your post will be found by the right people who will genuinely like your posts. It is okay to use some tags that doesn’t have much to do with your post but make sure that all the hashtags you’re using has something to do with your page in general.

Hashtags can be divided into two segments on Instagram:

Busy tags and not so busy tags.

Busy tags are the hashtags that are the most popular. These tags holds very high competition and your post will quickly disappear. Here, you have to provide real quality posts. If your post does not add any value, it is possible (and most likely) to be ignored and lost in plenty of posts.

The second hashtag segment is hashtags that aren’t as busy. These hashtags might only have a few thousand images posted with that hashtag in total. Here, you have to make sure you are unique and sticking out. While the tag might not be as crowded as other hashtags, your post will be seen for a longer time and might possibly be able to generate a better reach.

Hashtags allows you to stretch to the correct audience on Instagram. Obviously, you want reach followers who are into what you are posting. Hashtags are therefore a very, very good way of  sharing your photos with other people who enjoys the same things as you.

Instagram categorizes hashtags and puts the most liked 9 photo of the hashtags at the top, this means they’re visible to everyone for a longer time. Your goal with the hashtags is to get into those top posts because a lot more people sees them. If you therefore have a good amount of followers and decide to use a hashtag that is not used by bigger pages that compete with you, then your post will be visible for lots of people.

These are the greatest reasons why you should use hashtags on Instagram. As always, comment below if you have any questions!

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