How Do You Download Videos on Instagram Direct Message?

How Do You Download Videos on Instagram Direct Message?

This article was updated on the 22nd of November 2017.

When I first wrote this article, there was no way to save videos that had been sent to you through Instagram Direct Message, inside the app. The only way for you to save videos and photos that had been sent to you was using third-party apps. But luckily a lot has happened since then, updates that make the process of saving videos that have been sent to you on Instagram Direct Message a lot easier.

Let’s dig into how you can save videos yourself!

Want to save a video from Instagram Direct Message to your camera roll?

If you want to download a video (or photo for that matter) that has been sent to you on Instagram direct message, there area very limited amount of apps that can help you do this.

You can download videos on DM with Direct Saver

Direct Saver – Insta Downloader allows you to download images and videos from Instagram Direct. This is one of the very few apps that actually work.

By login in to Direct Saver which automatically downloads images/videos, you can save photos and videos on DM as you like.

Method 2: save videos and photos on Direct Messages in-app

When this update came out, I was ecstatic because this means that I could save videos and photos from Instagram Direct Message without having to use some sketchy third-party app, type in my Instagram username, and have a bunch of ads shoved down my throat.

Instagram, that is always for helping you do things on the platform without having to use any third-party apps, introduced the feature that allows you to save videos and photos from Direct Message inside of the app with a simple tap.

To save a video or photo, go to the message where you received the photo or video. Now, tap and hold on the video/image. Now, a text will appear right above it that says “Save”. Tap that.

Now, you have saved the video or photo to your camera roll. Note that in order to save photos and videos, you need to have given Instagram access to your camera roll. If you haven’t Instagram will ask you for permission.

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