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How To Grow Your Instagram with Hashtags

How To Grow Your Instagram with Hashtags

How To Grow Your Instagram with Hashtags

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In this article, we thought we´d share some tips on growing your instagram account faster using  THE CORRECT hashtags and hashtag tactics. By polishing your hashtags and the way you use them, you can increase your followers and engagement on your posts. More about why you should use hashtags on Instagram here.

The whole point of using hashtags under your pictures is to gain more exposure when users search for specific hashtags and attract THE RIGHT people who genuinely are interested in what you have to show.

When you go on to a hashtag, you´ll find that there is a “top section” and a “recent post” section. In the top section there are 9 pictures that have ended up there because they have gotten the most engagement among the people who have used that particular hashtag. Below the “top section” you will find the Recent Posts section, which are the most recent pics with that hashtag that you can refresh constantly (if it is a popular hashtag) and see that there are a lot of new pictures uploaded with that hashtag every single second.

What we can learn from this is that there are two sections for posts – Top Posts and Recent Posts.

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But how can we take advantage of this?

Well, as you may have guessed, recent posts is something you will not want to focus on. Why? because if you are using a hashtag that is popular, then your picture will not be visible for long because of the constant stream of new content being posted.  With the top section however, it’s a little bit different. Top Posts is the section that will get your pictures more engagement due to the extreme exposure (again, if it is a popular hashtag) and more followers. On the top posts is obviously where you want your pictures to end up.

If you´ve ever noticed that some of your posts has gotten way better engagement tha normal, then there´s a chance that you got featured into the Top Posts section.

All hashtags have their own Top Posts section. The more pictures the hashtag has (the more popular it is), the harder it is to get featured into the Top Posts section.

If you have a relatively small amount of followers and use hashtags that has several million photos posted with it, then you´ll most likely not end up in the top posts because there are larger accounts using the hashtag. The key is to target hashtags with lower amount of posts since the competition is lower and you have a bigger chance of ending up there. As mentioned, ending up there is what brings organic visitors to your account.

Okay, with that said, how do you end up on the top posts?

Begin by always using 30 hashtags on your posts. Compared to if you only use 1 hashtag, you have a 29 time bigger chance of ending up on the top posts. Even if you don´t end up on top posts, hashtags can still bring you traffic to your posts and account that can (and will) result in you getting more followers. The maximum amount of hashtags that you can use on Instagram is 30, so take advantage of it!

A recommendation is that you don´t put the hashtags in the caption since that will make your post look very spammy. Instead, put the hashtags in the first comment below your posts. You can put 30 hashtags into the first comment, after posting the pic. That way people will not see your hashtags.

Change between hashtags

Have a couple of groups of 30 hashtags in your notes that you can change between depending on what content you post. This will help you tag your photos with more relevant hashtags on your pics.

If you have a bigger account- around 10K and up, then you can take a shot at the more crowded hashtags that will get you the best outcome.
If you have less than that, then you should probably begin with the less crowded tags and every now and then mix them up with a bit more crowded tags that may get you to the top list. Learn how to use the best hashtags. 

A tip is to always keep track of your engagement and if you see an increase of your engagement, then you probably have ended up on the top list. When you have around 500+ likes on your photos, then you can take a shot at the more popular tags and test your luck by adapting what you have learned on how to grow your Instagram with hashtags

Thank you for reading “How to grow your Instagram with hashtags”. We hope you have learned how to adapt these tips and see great results. Comment below if you have any further questions regarding the article “How to grow your Instagram with hashtags”  or if you have any questions regarding anything else. Thanks for reading!

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