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How To Maximize Your Sales From Instagram

How To Maximize Your Sales From Instagram

Instagram has become a very popular platform among brands to increase sales. In 2015, 32.3% of US companies with 100 employees or more will use Instagram for marketing activities. That number will jump to 48.8% in 2016. By 2017, 70.7% of US companies will use Instagram for marketing.

In this article, I’ll therefore provide you with tips on how you can maximize your sales from Instagram.

How To Maximize Your Sales From Instagram

1. Create videos.

Make videos of your products. Videos tend to rank a lot better than photos, so this is simply a good way to have bigger reach and leave a bigger impact.

2. Arrange campaigns

Organize campaigns where your customers need to post photos with your products. Reward them with a discount code (for example) when sharing a photo of them using your products. This will help you gain a bigger reach but most importantly, you will receive trusted word to mouth marketing because people are more likely to trust their friends than a brand.

3. Think about your username

Using an easy-recognized username that is related to your brand/product/service: A simple and easy remembered name helps people quickly recognize your brand/company.

4. Post high-quality content regularly

Content in king on social media and Instagram is no different. Relevant content gives people a reason to follow you, and regularity makes them engaged. Remember to not post too promotive content all the time but instead mix it up with content that defines your brand but don’t necessarily is promotive. It might seem like this will result in fewer sales but instead, it makes people see your brand as more relevant and not just “another spammer”.

5. Edit your photos

Make sure that you edit images properly. Editing your photos is a part of creating high-quality content so make sure that you are editing the content you are sharing to absolute perfection. This will make you stand out from many of your competitors

6. Influencer marketing

By using influencers, that are leaders in their industry, you can reach a bigger audience with a very high ROI. Influencers have people looking up to them, meaning they want to have every product they have etc. Because you are the one choosing who you partner up with, you can partner up with an influencer with a following that is the same or very similar to your target group.

If you are unsure to find influencers, you can take help from VeloceNetwork and filter through thousands of influencers based on niches, age, followers and much more!

7. Add hashtags

Adding hashtags helps more people find your content.  This makes for a bigger reach and potentially new customers.

8. Use Instagram ads

Instagram business

Since Instagram introduced ads on their platform, Instagram Ads have become a good way to communicate with your audience and do it with precision due to the possibility of targeting your audience.

Bonus tips and conclusion

    1. Develop a consistent posting strategy and theme
    2. Follow your competitors followers
    3. Engage your followers and have them create content for you
    4. If you are new to the fashion scene, do some giveaways so you can get some cheap marketing and brand recognition
    5. Have a good profile/bio, put your website URL on the profile as this is the only place where you can put a live link.
    6. Post regularly, use the right Hashtags (ones that reflect your niche).
    7. Follow people who has an interest in your niche.
    8. Have partnership with Instagram influencer. Send them your products in exchange for a review in their account. You can also pay them (so this works like a PPC ads).
    9. Hold a regular Instagram competition, use your product as a prize.
    10. Post content at least 2 times every day

Instagram can help you make more sales if used correctly. Follow these tips and do it consistently and you should see some results.

Good luck!

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